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Back to the important things. ;)

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Alright. It looks like I missed out a lot of zsquish quests in the last 18 days. Even though I had a laptop with me, including a mouse, there just wasn't room or time to sit down and vanquish a bit.

What am I going to do about these and Nefertari?

Anything that doesn't give reputation points that I still need, I can probably just do anyway. However, things like Varajar Fells and suchlike are a pity that I missed out on them. So... vanquish some easy areas a few more times to grind reputation points, or wait for another 3rd of a year until the quests return?

I am utterly unsure about that, right now.

But I think I'll do one or two of the 3 random vanquishes that I grabbed while in the hospital (and back at home yesterday) now.

The missions and bounties are too bad that I missed out on them as well, but they cycle by far quicker than the zsquish quests.


Alright. I tried to keep up with the zquests since my release from the clinic, and it somehow worked. They piled up quite a bit though.


-> Lightbringer is at the max. Still plenty of LB areas left to vanquish, and I still got the Night Falls HM book.

-> Norn is 3k points from the max, and I think one of the missing dungeons might give some norn points. Also, Norhart Domain is still missing.

-> Asura is as of now about 7k points from the max. Verdant Cascades are still missing here. If that's not enough, there's a Hero Book HM.

-> Deldrimor crept up to ~140k points by now. I am scared that Vloxxen HM, which I did yesterday, happened without any deaths at all - the team must be really good. Since there's still a few dungeons left and A Time for Heroes HM, I think Deldrimor might just max out by itself, without the need for the Dungeon Book HM. I can turn that in though.

I am very glad to see that the missions and bounties will give me a break now and that only the daily zsquishes will need to be done for a while.

Still not sure how to handle those vanquishes and missions that the zaishen don't deem to be necessary to do for another couple of months now though - just wait until the zaishen think it's time for that, or just mop them up at my leisure at some point?

Updated 01-09-2011 at 17:14 by Lytha