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Guardian of Tyria - kind of!

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I haven't done a proper entry in quite some time! School hasn't been too busy yet, but commuting + classes do take up some time. It's true. Plus, I had some drawings to finish. (And still do.)

So yeah, what have I been up to? Titles. Titles, yesh!

My legendary survivor plan is as follows: Since I am one of the lucky people who has not captured every elite imaginable, I can pretty much max it out by capping. There will be some gaps, which I will fill with books.

So, I will have four books: Young Heroes, plus Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall. Plus some few odd quests (Raze the Roost, Charting the Jade Sea - and etc.) then, the capping beings in Nightfall in the Realm of Torment. Then I will do all the Kaineng elites, because even in NM, I am scared of the new mobs and I just don't know where they're showing up O_O After that we move to the Desolation. Then we move on to Tyria, specifically, we do Ring of Fire first, and then the Far Shiverpeaks. Then I might as well finish Prophecies, and move on to Nightfall, and finish with the rest of Factions.

Before I am done capping, provided I have no deaths, my title should be complete.

So I wrote about Guardian of Cantha, which was a breeze. Now it's time for Guardian of Tyria!

Ascalon: The Great Northern Wall, Fort Ranik, Ruins of Surmia, Nolani Academy

Meh. Very nostalgic, but not particularly difficult. Set up was MM, Monk, Panic Mesmer and myself as SoS.

Shiverpeaks: Borlis Pas, Frost Gate

Not too bad. Guildie helped me with Borlis Pas, so that was nice. So much nostalgy though. RURIK NO! Also my team expanded to include SS and Resto Healer.

Kryta: D' Allesio Seaboard, Divinity Coast (I think that's it...right?)

D'Allessio Seaboard I repeated a few times. I kept going to back bonus route and Confessor Dorian just kept dying on me. I guess that's karma for helping Salma, eh? EH? I ended up changing Livia's and Dunkoro's secondaries to Paragon and took Fall Back and ran at a constant speed boost every time I could. It was easy after that.

Divinity Coast I repeated three times, I think, but in the end I found an optimal route for reaching the Chosen in time. Not as frustrating as I expected.

Maguuma Jungle: The Wilds, Bloodstone Fen, Aurora Glade

The Wilds was breezy. I was afraid to touch Bloodstone Fen because for some reason I remembered there being those spirits EVERYWHERE. And they would wreak havoc even if the heroes were set to passive! But then I tried and it was easy. Also nostalgic, along with The Wilds, because I remember playing this in December 2004 or February 2005 or something in the betas. Good times.

And Aurora Glade? Takes me back to the first glorious time I ever finished this mission! Yeah! WE ALL DIED AND THEN A RANGER RAN THE CRYSTALS AND FINISHED THE WHOLE DAMN THING. That is to say, I didn't manage to beat it yet. The mantle either outrun me or overwhelm me, and restarting is such a pain because the hard part is far into the mission. :/

Lower Kryta: Riverside Province, Sanctum Cay

I did Sanctum Kay twice: Once for Zmish, by myself, except I forgot the bonus! An alliance mate later did the bonus with me. I totally leeroyed a bunch of fire imps in the beginning and killed myself! :D But after that I behaved and we did well.
Riverside Province wasn't too bad either.

Desert Missions: Elona Reach, Dunes of Despair, Thirsty River, Augury Rock, Dragon's Lair

Dunes of Despair was repeated several times. I was trying to do that trick where you kill Goss Aleesh only after the ghostly hero has started the timer. This didn't always go so well. either Goss Aleesh would aggro and wipe everything by putting Chaos Storm everywhere, or I had Forgotten elementalists wipe me. I got it right...eventually. After that, it was a breeze, and a matter of waiting for the countdown to finish.

Elona reach was easier than I remember. I worked slowly, and did it on the first try.

I failed the bonus for Thirsty River once or twice (what, you mean the ghost has to survive? no wai) but managed in the end. It was kind of fun!

Augury Rock was just lots of fun. I did the standard Backfire + Flare thing, and some PvE skills. And then I strafed. :D

I failed Dragon's Lair at first because of the crystal spiders in the mesmer domain. After that, I went more slowly, and killed any mobs the minions accidentally aggroed. It went smoothly after that. Glint was defeated by a combination of Pain Inverter + standing right next to minions. I knew it was gonna work (yay wiki) but I didn't know it would work that well! I did pack both Inspired and Revealed Hex onto Norgu, but it turns out I didn't even need it.

Southern Shiverpeaks: Ice Caves of Sorrow, Iron Mines of Moladune, Thunderhead Keep

First one was easy. I was infused (I'll get to that in a sec) and just aggroed as many Mursaat as I could >:D I did Iron Mines of Moladune with a guildie who just got FoW and needed to infuse it. I ran around uninfused but then it turned out my Ancient Armor had been infused all along! What! Anyhow, I infused my Vabbi set instead because I wuw it so much.


So yeah, I'll try one more time...when I have 40 mins to spare! >:B

Ring of Fire Islands: Ring of Fire, Abbadon's Mouth, Hell's Precipice

So let's just say pretty much all of my armor is infused now! Bwahaha! (Yes, I did do the bonus.) Ether Seals are kind of a pain in the butt because I am mostly a caster kinda set up. Having to deal with them made me think about trying out a physical team sometime.

That ghost lady from Abbadon's Mouth walks faster than I remember. Also, I didn't clear the path, anticipating that she'd be slow. Instead, I enjoyed a mini heart attack every time she tried to punch monsters in the face with her ghost fist of (no) power. But she made it! Also, I forgot how lovely that little outcropping with the trees it :)

I failed Hell's Precipice a couple times due to overaggro. (Ouch, Sparks!) But then I learned to pull more carefully. I almost wiped at the portal, after killing the Armageddon Lords. The titans hadn't quite yet stopped spawning from the lava, and I overaggroed. But then they left and the team put itself back together. The Lich wasn't difficult, except, if you bring an SoS rit, make sure they put their spirits away from the bloodstone such that he does not get caught on them! Because the spirits kept attacking him, and he just stood there instead of walking on to the bloodstone and then they killed him. >:(

But I did it. Lich is a pushover, always has been, since the days of Prophecies.

So yeah, that's my progress. Will finish Aurora Glade and Thunderhead Keep...possibly with guildies. :/ We'll see. Maybe I'll tackle it when it's finally the Zmish again...I don't want to wait that long but...we'll see >_<

And as for Guardian of Elona, I am at 7/20. So like a third of the way! Unsurprisingly, it is going faster than Tyria...who would've thought? *rolls eyes*

Here's what I did so far:

Rilohn Refuge: With guildies! Easy peasy!

Tihark Orchard: I love this mish! It was the zmish at the time. ^_^

Moddok Crevice: I must have failed like a hundred times. If it wasn't a runner, I accidentally messed something up to get rid of the bonus. But in the end I made it.

Dzagonur Bastion: Also done with guildies/alliance mates. What a godawful mess! Okay, but not because we failed! We made it, even though we lost one bombard. But after a little bit of being organized and drawing directions on the map, we somehow ended up running around like headless chickens! Luckily, our monks were quite awesome. Guess there was something in that chaos XD

Grand Court of Sebelkeh: I remember finishing this mission at 5:59 after several failed attempts with crocodile tears streaming down my face. I finished at 9: and something in HM this time. Waaaaat? Did I get better or something? For a while though, I didn't think I was going to make it, since the rifts kept reopening. So I played around with the flags (Olias and some minions usually took care of the Blasphemy) and that's how I did it.

Kodonur Crossroads: Not much to say. It was very straightforward. Although when I was attacking the garrison, I overaggroed. But I managed to retreat and manage them. And then once I was inside the stupic centaur wouldn't attack anything. This angered me so I went to give the boss a great big hug and then they finally walked up and started attacking. No gratitude, I tell ya!

Jennur's Horde: I did it today, and I'm surprised my hair is intact on my scalp. Because, srsly, I failed like 10 times. Because I forgot about the running groups and Hinon got slaughtered each time. So picture me, running after the mobs with their speed post, screaming a slow "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" because I knew I wasn't going to catch them. Yeah, that was me.

Here's how I finally did it: I picked up the light, ignored the first two Harbringers, but killed the one on top of the stairs. Then I sat and waited for the spawned group to run up. After they were mopped up, I killed the stationary Margonites on the right. Then the spawned group. Then the Margonites on the left. Rinse and repeat. I just ended up leaving the other Harbringers where they were, they were usually aggroed by minions or spirits and after those died off they went back to their original position.

At some point, I almost lost the running group. They split into two! The dervish and mesmer caught aggro, but the warrior and elementalist didn't! I almost lost them, but somehow I managed to get close enough to get a spell off, and they came back. Whew!

After clearing all the mobs around the Harbringer of Nightfall, I pulled the bonus group down the stairs. Then killed the running group...etc. Neat trick: If you flag your heroes on the carpet bridge, the Margonites that spawn will run and ball up against the wall at wanding distance. Allowing Panic, SS, Lightbringer's Gaze etc. to have maximum effect.

Immediately after defeating that group, I ran back to get a Light, then went up the stairs to kill the bonus Harbringer. I left my heroes flagged on the bridge to take care of the patrol if they showed up, and killed the other one the same way. Then I killed the Harbringer on the right (making the spawned patrol even bigger, but that was OK, I could handle it now - especially if they were balled up!) and grabbed the light. I went back to grab the other light, and pulled the final Harbringer. While the rest was busy finishing off the Margonites, I dropped the two Lights, then ran back to the closest spirit for a third one and bam! Mission complete.

The lesson here is: please, take your dear, sweet time.

So now I have decided to do these missions in order of how annoying they are. (Easy ones for last.)

So, I will do:

Gate of Madness >> Gate of Pain >> Ruins of Morah >> Gate of Desolation >> Dasha Vestibule >> Nundu Bay >> Venta Cemetery >> Jokanur Diggings >> Blacktide Den >> Consulate Docks >> Pogahn Passage >> Chahbek Village >> Abbadon's Gate (to make it dramatic)

But it'll be a month or two or even three before it's all actually finished. XD I don't wanna push it!

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention the desert missions. o_o

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