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Nikhera's GW Rantings

Legendary Guardian and Frustration

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So, how's about a crappy weekend?


I've been having some personal trouble as usual - and retreated into GW to cheer myself up. So here I am, skill capping away.

I finished all of the Ring of Fire Islands.

I have all of the Necromancer elites in Prophecies.

All of the Ranger elites in Prophecies and Factions.

All of the Monk elites in Prophecies and Factions.

All of the Mesmer elites in Factions. etc.

Anyhow, the result is, I need about 15 elites in Prophecies, about 20 in Factions and with Elona, it comes to about 90 elites left.

I am at 665,000 exp without dying.

And then, at 2:40 am, my brother decided to turn on u-torrent for 10 mins, result in a lag spike that traps me in a group of three mahgo hydras outside of Ember Light camp while I'm helping hubby cap Bull's Charge.


I was pretty frustrated. Oh, and today, I speed walked to work and got a gigantic blister on my heel because of my shoes. (knock-off chucks canvas type footwear.) AAAH

But anyhow.

So at this point, I'm just waiting for the double exp skill cap weekend in November. No excuses or anything. I need to cap all 90 elites then, every single one. Then my books will get me another 200k exp, and I guess I'll just farm the rest...somehow...surely, I can do a couple FoW runs...or just farm worms for what feels like eternity...lol.

Anyway, since that was gone, I went back to finish Dasha Vestibule. For some reason, my heroes caught the dumb virus, because nobody seemed to be following my pings, and Gwen didn't feel like interrupting much. I finally snapped and equipped all Mesmer skills, including Power Block. I finished after that. :/

Anyway, that gave me Guardian of Elona.

Then I went to do Aurora Glade. I brought Fall Back, capped the first two pedestals, and rushed for the Demagogue from the back. Boom done.

Then I went into Thunderhead Keep. I really hate how boring it is in the scripted parts. It really is. Anyway, I finally lit the beacons in time. Then I kept minimizing GW in search of more exciting things to do.

But the dwarves survived, and thus, I got the last bonus objective I needed.

And that brought me to this.

I totes forgot I would get the last title. XD

So that's how my GWAMM progress stands.

Somehow, I'm not looking forward to farming reputation points in EotN...

I was just thinking that it would've been beneficial to me if I had completed some EotN books because those award experience too, plus, I could've picked up some skills (and how about Rebel Yell for vanquishing Ascalon? and the skills, too. Totes awesome). But honestly, I am just that impatient. I'm not going to finish everything, especially not dungeons, especially not every single mish in hard mode, not when midterms season is upon me. I am already playing too much as is (to stave off my fits of depressions, unsuccessfully.) So I'll just worry about EotN when I have time to worry about it. @_@ lolol. Anyhow, my guildies and alliance mates do a lot of dungeons runs, so I can just go with them for some good ol entertainment.

Anyhow, so after I get 300k exp for my poor Elo who always dies, she will be banned from leaving the outpost until after I start capping skills. NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, that weekend, anyone who as much as hovers their mouse around a torrent program will pay dearly. I swear, if I die cause of something someone is downloading, I will make them farm worms for me. >.>

But hopefully if everything goes smoothly I will have no excuse but to focus on Vanquisher/Carto after that. I will pick one day then and do Minister Cho's Estate (and Haijuu Lagoon) and get it over with so I can stop fretting over Cantha.

Anyway, I wrote too much, so that's it for today. XD

Man, those blisters really are gross.


  1. Lytha's Avatar
    Congrats for the Guardian title.

    I'd do some EotN NM first, then cartograph and skillcap a bit, then do some more EotN. Doing both NM and HM EotN is just too tedious, if done in short succession.