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Pretty much done

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Okay, it's been a while since I posted, I lost the password to here after that forced password change. Attempts at getting a new password didn't seem to work because I never seemed to get the reset one. Turns out my email blocker from the ISP was putting it in the junk files. Seems odd how one email, the initial request for a reset makes it through, and then the email with the reset pass doesn't. Ah well...
*thinks a moment* AHH, I know why... header says this "Subject: Your new password for The Unofficial GuildWars Site" How many spams come with that type of header nowadays?
Pretty much HALF.

Something big happened that I wanted to post here that would also explain why I no longer come into the game. I wrote stuff down and saved them elsewhere. Sorry if this is a little dated.
HI folks.

I see some things are not going well for some people, I'm sorry that lytha has to go through the cancer crap.
Thankfully, it's treatable, and from what she says, it doesn't look like it's going to spread.
All I can say on that is, keep writing about it, keep doing what you're doing.
It's critical that you write about it, even in the wost of times, ESPECIALLY at the worst of times,
because things like these need to be remembered and shown. It's an important snapshot of you at that time.
The rest of this pales in comparison, but it does feel important in it's own way.

It's been a while since I've written here.
Some of you may know why. First and foremost, I've gotten way burnt out on the game.
I got a free vanilla WoW account from blizz back in feb, and after trying it, I've been there.

I wanted to keep one foot here in GW, but it was hard to log in to do just basic things.
Pretty much, all I was doing for the last several years now were daily and weekly quests and events, with occasional working on a VQ or missions that were synchronized with whatever thing nick happened to want that week.

The last event I was fully on for was the canthan new year. I like to think I made off pretty well with that.
Unfortunately, because of my being in wow to much, I totally spaced the dragonfest this year, missing the new mask. Just as well, as I said, I got burnt out on it, although dragonfest IS rather fun.


Trying to figure out how to start this, and it's not coming out easy.
Two weeks ago, Graveheart, one of the few friends I have left, poped back on aim again.
Grave has been having issues with getting net access. He lives in Greece, which as some of you know,
is major seriously hurting as far as money issues go. Jobs are beyond scarce there, and the best he's able
to do at times is find grunt or cleanup work from various shops and what have you.
But because of this, some months back, he did some cleanup work at an abandoned net cafe, and managed to find and salvage an i5 machine with near top of the line vid card and max memory in it, along with a case of 50 Nightfall prerelase packs.
One of these days, we need to work on selling those. They're worth at least 20 bucks on the ebay market last I saw.

Grave contacts me, and asks me if I screwed up the password on his account.
You see, since grave hasn't had much internet access, he's left it to me to manage the account during events. I've been doing so for each event, and the only one I've missed was the recent dragonfest. I told him no, I haven't been on it since CNY. He then fumes, and says it's not accessible.
I try it, and yeah. no go.
The problem he has, is that it's been linked to a playNC account that a friend of his in greece set up, but the ISP that the email was set to, is long since dead. Died back in 07 or 08 I think. And neither of them can remember the info for it.
We talk for a bit, and I tell him to contact playNC directly, see if they can get the account back for him. We both know odds on that are kind of long, seeing as how he doesn't have the original CD case with the code for the game, but it's worth giving it a shot. So he does.
Low and behold, they actually pull through and get grave the account back. Hooray!
He then logs in.

I can only imagine the absolute and utter horror he must have felt when he got to the chara screen.

ALL... EVERY ONE of his charas, except for one, a rit he hardly used, is GONE.

Just... GONE.

Turns out the account was hacked, and used by some farmer, and they only kept the rit because it was the best farmer class for UW.
His title chara, Grave of Hearts, which he's used since... 5 months into the game's life, is gone. ALL her achieves and ... everything, just... Gone.

I tell him to contact NCsoft again, but I know that story. They've not restored any charas that are lost, at least that I've heard of. MAYBE... maybe they might... who knows. If they could put her back naked, with nothing else, as long as she has the achievements that he's worked for 5 years on, we could go from there.
I'm sure those on here know the end to that story.
Nope says playNC. Can't do it.

We try and beg and plead, which for him, is very difficult. He's not one to beg.
Sorry, we'd like to help, but it's just...
Grave wants the ISP of the account that used it before him.
During this time, he actually accuses me of having a virus or doing something stupid to get the account lost. I give him an exact usage of the timeline of my using the account, down to the day. All computers run AVG, and None were having issues.
I told him I don't even type in his pass anymore. I have it saved on a text, and just copy past it now. And if someone managed to get HIS account through my machines, why didn't they get my other two accounts I use?
He can't argue with that, and chalk it up to the PlayNC master account issue.

In the end, there's nothing we can do. He says that's it, he's done with the game, and won't be getting GW2 as a result of this.
He fires off one final email to them, saying that this is pretty crappy way of running a company if they're willing to protect chinese farmers over real playing customers.

It's been months now since I wrote most of that. I've talked with grave a few times since then, he's been trying out a few games here and there, nothing I feel I can really get into.

This Halloween, I logged into the accounts, and got all but grave's account the hats.
I can't get into grave's account because I can't remember the name of the one chara anymore, and I don't think he really cares anymore either.
For those who've followed my blog now and then, I'm sure you remember my going on about doing the snowman dungeon over and over and over again for the bear, and how despondent I get during that.
I got that JUST through logging in. Massive depression, and I feel like crying. Just through logging in. Knowing my friend can never rejoin me ever... in this game again, as the chara they worked so long on.

"Just a game" People will say, and loosing a chara like that in a video game ranks somewhere below telling someone your cat died. Where they go 'awwww, I'm sorry', even though you know they aren't, and could give a **** less about it.

But it hurts, it hurts a F*** of a lot.
See, way back when, grave and I met on a Lineage2 private server. We went from one server, to another that was based in greece, and that was run by people he knew directly.
We worked on it, helping to improve it. But the problem with a private server, and we both knew this, is that at any time, the whole thing could be shut down, and all work we'd done on those charas would be lost. So what was the point behind it all?
Which is why at one point I moved to GW. That, and some other friends of mine were getting into this game. Although events and things happened that caused a rift between us,
Graveheart has stuck with me through thick and thin, even through an event and revelation that should have cost us our friendship. And we stuck with this game because we thought that our work, and our charas, would always be here.

Siiiigh. I told grave way back when, that I didn't think linking his account to the PlayNC account was the best thing to do, but he really wanted to get the bonus mission pack.
I think doing that cost him his account and charas.
So here's the thing, I've been playing Wow now for several months, During that time, I've known several people who've had accounts hacked, and charas lost. One of which was our guild master, and much stuff was lost from the guild bank via that hacking.

On EACH and EVERY instance of this, GMs there have not only reinstated the accounts, they've brought back charas that were deleted, AND... AND... gotten items back that were purloined in the hack.

I'll say this each and every time someone asks, and even when they don't, I think Blizzard has become to money hungry over the past few years. WoW pulls in more money per month then some countries do.
That being said, they take CARE of their customers. They have FAST response times from their GMs, listening and taking care of even the trivial things. They even pretty much give out their security authenticator for free. 6 bucks, but that includes the shipping and handling. I'd say 3-4 bucks is the S&H cost, 2 bucks for making it work? That's a giveaway to me.

The fact that with NCsoft, I've lost my original Lineage2 account, I've seen someone banned for botting who would never bot, I've seen someone on here loose their account because they were given other people's accounts, but could not find all the info for their original account, and I've seen my best friend hacked, and loose their title chara they've worked on for 6 years now, and told 'hell no' as far as restoring JUST the chara, sans gear.

I've since swore that I will not now, nor ever, buy or play an NCsoft based game EVER again. NC has proven time and again they cannot take care of their customers. Not in the way that it counts.
When a game operator starts assigning 'worth' to in game items, to the point they become fearful of giving items out, that it will 'devalue' other items in the game, then they're doing SOMEthing wrong somewhere.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I always hold out hope something can be done, even in the worst of situations.

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  1. shawn's Avatar
    You do know that the reason they couldn't restore accounts in gw was a technical limitation... right?

    Since then, as they were developing the technology for gw2, they realized they could apply it to gw1. And now if you get hacked after October the whatever-it-was, you can get your account restored.

    Also, I always figured you'd like WoW given the complaints of pve being ruined by pvp updates. Same goes for sorudo too, but he's too stubborn to try it. Not that it matters anyway, hardly anyone plays pvp anymore in gw1.
  2. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Thanks for responding.
    Yeah, I looked up the article on that, to little, to late.
    Still, if I can get ahold of Grave, I'll have him try contacting them ONE more time, see what we get. As said, we don't need any of the crap. Just the chara and her achieves. Nothing more, nothing less. We can work on everything else.

    Such as it is though, I've committed myself to Wow for the next year thanks to the Annual pass offer.
    Mainly because of the Diablo 3 thing, but the mount and beta invite help.
    (edit: seen the mount now... I'm starting to regret the offer. Those aren't WINGs, they're like... fluffy fluff. Uggg...)

    Thinking about it though, it's kinda pointless for the Diablo 3 account, because more then likely, I'll pick up the collector's edition when it comes out.

    My problem with GW a while back as far as the pvp/pve thing was yeah, the nerfage of skills, where the problem was in pvp, but they did the split and that made things somewhat better.
    After which, my issue became that hard mode was more like stupid developer mode, the advent of consumables, and rehashed content.

    I gave up on that when I realized all I was doing was the nick weekly farming, and various daily quests, like farming for balth points at Zaishen elite, and not actually PLAYING the game.
    As far as real PvP stuff, it feels very ... limited.

    I think GW did a lot of things right, not having massive disparity in regards to gear levels, or levels between players, and not having a billion skill buttons you need to set up and access during a fight. But it feels like the the only fun games are the ones we get around various holidays.

    Although, that being said as well, there's aspects of WoW that are super grindy, and the whole aspect of 'dailies' is probably not best for one's mental heath. ESPECIALLY with multiple charas.
    (I made the big mistake of making several charas so I could have access to multiple professions, and working them on dailies for the longest time was a big drain, especially after they all started hitting level 70 and up)

    I will say I have gotten into some aspects of pvp, but I can't say I'm very good at it, but I'm not totally incompetent either. I found I work best with a group, and working in some form of assist mode. Snaring jumping jack foes and pressuring healers, to helping spike problem targets. I need to work on fine tuning my charas, and developing better macro and button sets.
    But there is ALWAYS something to do, especially for newcomers, and the developers are always working on making the game better.

    And while I know Anet is doing the same as well, it all to often feels like they're 1-3 steps behind blizz on this.

    I dunno. Even if grave got his chara back, I don't know if I'd entirely come back to GW much at all. Although if grave came back, I probably would too to help them build their chara back up again. That's IF they got their chara back, which... since the hacking happend before oct 1st... is likely not happening.

    In other things, I've been reading Lytha's blog, and... have been avoiding commenting, because I'm likely to piss them off with anything I say. But I'm glad they're writing, and getting this out. And seriously hope this works out for them.
    Would be nice if some 23rd century doctor would happen to pass through her hallway at the hospital she's at, look at her quickly, remark on using barbaric radiation treatments no better then sticking one's head in an ion flow, give her a pill, and the next day, cancer all gone.
    Well... we can wish I guess.