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progress (nearly done!)

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My Hall of Monuments stands at 49/50 right now, and I am only needing six (6!) more mini pets to finish that off.

Here is a list of minipets I do not have currently, any 6 of these will finish off the HoM for me. If you're looking to sell one, hit me up in PM and we can talk. I will try and keep this updated.

Black Beast
White Rabbit
Mad King Thorn
Desert Griffon
Dredge Brute
Krait Neoss
Quetzal Sly
Word of Madness
Dagnar Stonepate
Flame Djinn*
Cobalt Scabara
Fire Drake
Ophil Nahualli
Scourge Manta
Siege Devourer
Candysmith Marley*
King Adelbern
Zhu Hanuku*

Pets marked with an * are pets I wouldn't mind owning anyway, since I like the models for them, but it is of no great importance, better to finish off the HoM either way.

Other than that, I just need to finish of Booze and Sweet points for GWAMM on my title hunter. I need roughly 2700 points of Alcohol and maybe 5100 sweet points. However, I would rather trade for these than outright buy them, but will consider small amounts for sale if the going is good. Hoping Wintersday can provide me with a small chunk of both.

I should make a sales post sometime soon. I simply have too many mods/weapons and other bits and bats than I can find room for... especially considering the fact I have far, FAR too much armor to store much at all on my characters themselves.

Anyhow... feels good to be nearly done. Bring on GW2!


  1. kokabel's Avatar
    Uh, apparently I already have Freezie, and I can't see the edit option!
  2. Fae's Avatar
    I should have a bunch of these. I'll check on mini mule in the morning. You're good people, so no cost, Yadda yadda.

    Here we go.

    Abomination, Griffon, Cobalt + Scourge Manta.
    Updated 17-12-2011 at 19:46 by Fae (Whee)
  3. Fae's Avatar
    Found a Word of Madness too! Knew I had one somewhere. (Note to self. Mier storage)
  4. shawn's Avatar
    make dat pve face, girl :3
  5. Tyris Requiem's Avatar
    I should have another 4th year present in the next couple of weeks... I'll let you know what I get :>
  6. kokabel's Avatar
    Ooh, I didn't see all this 'til just now. I'm not around tonight I don't think, will try and talk to you in game soon, Fae.

    Thank you so much! :3
  7. kokabel's Avatar
    That's 5 more in there, cross Word, Manta, Cobalt, Griffon and Abomination off that list. :D

    Fae is awesome.
  8. Tyris Requiem's Avatar
    Today I opened my sins 4th and got... ... ... a mini desert griffin... looks like you already have that one =/ oh well there is still the celestial after the new year to bring you up to 50 ;>