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Tom Nook's Journal


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"The Season of the Colossus is loosening its grip,
But there are still the icy patches. Careful or you'll slip!
Perhaps you are the type to frolic in the frosty glow.
Perhaps you wear a fuzzy scarf until the Zephyrs blow.
Whichever type of reveller you know yourself to be,
One thing is true: this is a time for sweet festivity.
So wrap your hand around a ball of snow or mug of cheer.
Pelt your foes! Hug your friends! Wintersday is here!"

The second best yearly event is now upon us. New quests, new costumes but something is missing. Where are the Grentchies? They should be running around LA, trying to steal the presents.

Has Grenth already lost? Dark times indeed.