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Well, these titles... I didn't think much of them at first, but I find myself striving for Protector of Tyria with my Amethyst (4 missions to go!) and now I'm planning on trying to go for Survivor with Domitia Snow. I don't care if I even just get the first level of Survivor - that'd be an achievement for me

As much as I'd like to do with a more difficult class, I figured I'd go for Mo/Me and see how that goes. There's tons of advice to find here on the forums and the folks in the IRC channel are extremely helpful (*hugs* to them ) so we'll see how it goes!

And if poor Domitia keeps getting remade, that's fine. I'll just probably get really sick of the missions in Shing Jea

And yes, purple is my favorite color.


  1. Tom Nook's Avatar
    Good luck.
    Remind me to stay out of Domitia's way, I attract trouble.
  2. Dawn Stormborn's Avatar
    Good luck! I got to ~85K xp on my mesmer before dying during the Captured Son quest. So I advise, if Domitia is Canthan, put that off until later. ;) When Rhaenys hit 20th level the only deaths were from that quest.

    I henched everything, for max flexibility in controlling the pace of play. However I think if you could find people, even if it is just one live player, who understand what you are trying to do, it would make it twice as easy. People who wouldn't really care if you mapped away when things started looking really ugly (if you would resort to that - I didn't and thus my survivor quest ended).

    On the other hand, since the XP on Monastery Island is so good, one level 20 friend should be all the help you need to do it.