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Obsidian Demon's Dominance of the Dense

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Yeah you heard me! Math is for losers, noobs and people who have nothing better to do. The only good thing math does in Tyria is allow you to count just high enough to charge far more than an item is worth.

My personal favourite is how 5 in 10 people don't understand how to use a decimal. Yeah that funny dot which sections up prices. I run the whole desert for 2.1k and people love to get it wrong. 2.1k is 2100g and not 2001. The "k" means 1000. Multiply 2.1 by 1000. Guess what you get? 2100!!!

After the 10th person to get that simple math wrong I decided to add in the gold amount instead of using platinum.

Here is one of my rules for running.

It's 300g Per Stop or 2.1k [2100g] Full Payment at Augury Rock.

Even though I added in the gold amount [Which I have in two of my rules, people still don't get it right. Why? Well I'm not going to suger coat it. They are morons. Plain and simple! It's grade 3 math. No FOOLING! Don't go telling me half of the guildwars community hasn't graduated the third grade.

Not to mention other counting and sorting problems people get wrong. Just another day for a knuckle dragging goon that plays in Guildwars.