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GWOnline Blog Tool is Really Nifty!

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So, I was looking around a bit on this whole community blog thing, and it has all kinds of features I never knew about. Was thinking to make a proper news item about them further down the line, but here are some things I wanted to share right away!

Did you know that:

  • under "Blog Settings" you can choose your own blog background and text color, font, and more? (Check out my sparkling new graphics designer nightmare setup! )
  • there are 6 global blog categories, and you can also set your own blog-specific ones?
  • you can rate blogs, and look for recent and/or top-rated blog entries from other authors?
  • you can use an RSS feed to spread your blog, or read those of other members?
  • you can make and recieve trackbacks? (testing)
  • you can check out your visitor statistics?
I didn't know these things until recently, so chances are you didnt either.

Anyway, you should all familiarize yourselves with the GWOnline Community Blog interphase, because something tells me you will want to use it real soon ... (*hint hint*)

Updated 21-01-2012 at 01:10 by Lensor

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  1. shawn's Avatar
    What's a trackback?
  2. Lensor's Avatar
    It is links to a blogpost from another blog. A way to circle-appreciateeachother basically. That is my understanding at least, apparently all the cool kids do it.

    If you look underneath the comment section, there trackbacks can go. Atm there are zero, but there could be something there, if you in a blog post mentioned this blog post, using the link provided.