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The World of Tyria according to Fae

Events and Party dresses

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It's no secret that I like GW's events (or any game's events really). And it's no secret that I like armor. My alliance named an armor-collecting condition after me. It's called Faeitis, and its the compulsion to buy armor sets you don't need or even want. Guild Wars events give me a chance to have fun with the event itself, and have fun with how I present my character.

At Wintersday, my characters are wrapped up snug in fluffy armor or are decorated in bright greens and vibrant reds. The Guilds I'm in charge of all get their capes changed to festive colours and I encourage others around me to do the same. At Halloween I bring out spooky oranges and ghoulish blacks. (A great time to bring out Ritualist Ancient armor!)

Canthan New Year is one such event when I dress up.

Bright reds and Dragons will be a much seen theme this year. Time to take a trip on your mesmers to Imperial Sanctum and get yourself kitted out!

If you've played for a few years, then you probably have a few different types of Dragon Masks saved up from the Dragon Festival in June, this would be a great time to bring out these. While they are not the corresponding mask for the festival they definitely fit the mood of the event!

Fun and free flowing party dresses are the thing for events like this. Dance and be merry, be thankful and joyful. Spend time with your friends doing the quests, host a small competition with the people you're sharing your lucky ring with. Spend time with your guild sponsoring a district for the feast of the Dragon. You have plenty of time to go collect the ingredients needed for at least one feast List here.

So if you're out and about during Canthan New Year, have fun, dress up. It doesn't have to be fancy, a few red dyes and you're in the party mood! Or you can go all out and mix and match armors, costumes, festival hats to create something unique.

I *love* to see armor combos of other people. It was one of the things on my WIntersday wishlist from my guildies this year. So if you're dressing up for CNY please feel free to leave a comment with your creations :D.

Here's to a prosperous year of the Dragon! Party on, Cantha.
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