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A GW Experiment with numbers and the HoM

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I've seen a lot of talk recently where people have said things along the lines of "No-one's playing anymore. They all have 50/50 HoMs and GWAMMs and just stand around in Kamadan" or "It's too late to join Guild Wars, everyone's done everything, I'll be so far behind". I was irritated by these statements, so I decided to do a little experiment.

The Experiment:

Today, while standing in Lion's Arch International, whenever someone came into the district, I quickly grabbed their name and shoved it in the HoM calculator. I ignored people I know (they would skew the data, people I know generally have high HoM scores), and focused on the passers-by. I decided 50 people would be enough. The results were interesting.

I tried my best to identify if a person was the same as someone else in my experiment. If one person left and was suddenly replaced by another with a similar name and guild tag, then it was prooobably the same person. I did my best not to include people like that in the experiment.

Now I know International dists aren't exactly a huge social hub, but I generally see it as an area where people just want to get in, get out and get things done, rather than being bothered by reams of chat or having to wait for a hundred people to load if going through American or (some) European ports. So these people would generally be playing with a purpose.

It's my plan to re-visit these people's HoM's in 3 months time to see how far they've progressed. Why? For science!

The findings:

Number of people with 0 HoM points: 1

Number of people who have visited the HoM but made no progress: 8 (This was also the most common score)

Highest HoM score I found: 49 (two people had this)

Average number of HoM points across the section of people: 22.54

The conclusion:

As I thought, there are still people playing with stuff to do, there's plenty of people around for newbies to group up with. The game is still very much alive and there's still plenty of buzz surrounding the game. I expect this buzz to carry on increasing now that we've moved into the stage of "Hey, we might actually get to play this game some time soon" with Guild Wars 2. And since the HoM doesn't close once we've linked accounts, I'm sure people will still be stopping by.

As I said, I plan to re-visit these people in 3 months time, so check back if you're curious on their progress. I do plan to write about other things between now and then, so stop by and say hi.

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