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Nikhera's GW Rantings

Starting on Tyria! And other stuff.

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Lol terrible blog titles. Anyways.

So, here are some updates.

I have barely been playing GW for about two months. I sort of had a pause after Halloween, and during Christmas holidays I was so busy it was the last thing on my mind. :P I did pop in to get the Wintersday headgear (I looooove them! The scarves, especially, are fantastic) but that was about it. I didn't farm or obsess over anything.

Anyway, today I had a bit of an urge to play again so I fired GW up and decided to vanquish.

My last attempt to vanquish Cantha did go well. I was sitting at 16/33, and I decided to go Bukdek Byway. There is a single group of those nasty Ministry guys where the Afflicted used to be. They ripped me a new one, needless to say. It's not just my builds, my tactics are just not up to par. Other areas got me into lazy mode and I wasn't even flagging properly at first. By the time I started trying, it didn't even help. So that's pretty discouraging, if I'm thinking about doing Minister's Cho's Estate, the explorable area, as well as Haiju Lagoon. :( I will just pull out cons and whatever else I have to. I will come back to it, eventually.

So I decided to go Tyria today. I am kind of dumb for not checking ZV or whatever, but oh well. I started in Temple of the Ages some time in the afternoon.

Group was as follows:

Me: Ele with air skills.
3x N: Sabway
2x Rit, with Signet of Ghostly Might and Signet of Spirit
1x Panic Mesmer
1x Prot Monk

I went through Black Curtain and Talmark Wilderness, also ignoring Majesty's Rest. In that one sitting I vanquished Sage Lands, Mamnoon Lagoon, Silverwood, Ettin's Back, Reed Bog, The Falls, Dry Top and Tangle Root. Can you believe that before today my almost 7 year old Ele has never set foot in Dry Top? I mean really.

Anyway, it easy. Wiped twice, in different areas, each time due to Wind Riders. Got a whole bunch of golds and opened maybe 20 chests? It was quite a bit.

So, more caravan plans, blah blah blah...


So yeah, it was kind of fun, because I got to chat with guildies, and that's about it. Next time I could probably read a book while I do it XD
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