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Around the World . . . Eventually

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One that strayed too far is now back on track. Only a few short weeks ago, Aleyis nearly broke off from the Wanderers, but now has a new determination to stay. With her faithful minipet, the kirin Constance, she has continued on her journey.

Early on in that journey, however, her trademark scattered mind betrayed her. While making a brief stoppage in Cantha, she had decided to take on the garb of the locals. But this was so long ago that she had forgotten entirely that she hadn't taken the time to infuse the new armour against the deadly magics of the Mursaat. It nearly took her on a visit to Grenth when she went out to explore Ice Floe. Before pursuing that avenue any further, she took the necessary steps to get her attire up to code.

That accomplished, Aleyis set her sights upon the area where she had gone astray: Abaddon's Mouth. She had long since achieved the secondary objective, but the primary had eluded her. Finally, she forced herself to focus, and disruption was the name of the game when the time arrived to choose her skills. Naturally, she packed her two standard interrupts. This time, though, she added to her potency with a little bit of Choking Gas, along with her newly learned Practised Stance to sustain its effect.

Taking out the Jade Bows and the Mursaat patrolling the first gatehouse was rather a slow affair, since Aleyis herself could not strike them. But she knew that storming through the front gate had the potential to get quite messy, so she opted for the safer option. Her decision to focus on interruption skills paid off when she found that Willa the Unpleasant had taken up guard duty at the exit to the gatehouse. This had been Aleyis's stumbling block before; she was simply not skilled enough as an interrupter to keep the creature shut down, and this had resulted in a stalemate. With the aid of Choking Gas this time around, however, the troubles were minimal.

The rest of the mission went rather smoothly a couple of deaths to a henchman or two, but certainly nothing of a drastic nature. A little bit of discipline was all that it took.

Aleyis was quite bolstered by her success here, and thus decided to take on Hell's Precipice, secondary objective and all, as soon as she arrived there. Aware that many other rangers opted for using the spirit of Winter is this most fiery of locales, she nonetheless stuck with the skillset that had just worked so well for her. What good were the enemy's fire spells anyway, should they be unable to complete them in the first place? A few careful pulls and everything would be fine.

And for the most part, everything was. Granted, there was a messy pull or two as the team neared the Portal Wraiths, but with the Armageddon Lords already destroyed, there was a safe path upon which to retreat. The battle against Rurik was slow, but not particularly dangerous. Even the Lich himself was not much of a threat. Aleyis knew from conversations with Serryn that in order to be truly destroyed, the Lich's life must drain to nothing while on the Bloodstone. When the creature teleported himself away from this very specific location, Aleyis merely called off the attack until he returned. The final blow was struck in the proper place, and thus the battle quickly ended.

With the island losing its stability, Aleyis hopped aboard a conveniently located ship and sailed across to Droknar's Forge. From a vision of the dragon prophet Glint, she has learned that the Titans are still present and will strike down Tyria if not stopped. Before long, she will be heading out to defend Droknar's Forge, and any other places where the beasts may appear.