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Nikhera's GW Rantings

Thanks, Anet!

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Now, I know not everyone is happy with WoC. There are bad points to it. But I am happy with how everything turned out.

1. The first part is boring and repetitive, although easy, except for Minister Cho's, which I hear was balanced. So thank you for making adjustments up and down so we can enjoy ourselves to the max.

2. The second part got better.

3. The third part was great and I enjoyed the final battle very much.

4. I actually do like the story. It's got some great dialogue, hilarious references, (although I would've said "I guess the unending night has just *sunglasses ended.) ;)

5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FLASHBACK QUEST. I LOVE YOU DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE THE BEST EVAAAR? I just see it as such an elegant solution! Unlike in WiK, where the originally (from that point in time when we first met them) friendly Mantle turned ugly red, to getting rid of them, it made sense for everything to go back to normal. Not in WoC though because our actions should have some semblance of permanent consequences. But then I couldn`t help newbies! But now I can, yaaay!

6. OMG OMG OMG the strongboxes! Pandas! Minis! My Rit has a super rad channeling staff right now thanks to this. I never did pick up a Purity weapon cause I`m too lazy to mod it, buuuuut I will be trading away all my ministerial commendations for the requisition orders so I can get more of these. (And delicious cake. That you must eat.)

Thanks to a combination of this, the above, and finally the aforementioned balancing, I will be doing WoC on all of my characters, and probably through hardmode (with my guildies of course) as well.

I enjoyed myself, so thank you! :D
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  1. Lensor's Avatar
    I can only agree, great Kudos to the Guild Wars 1 live team!