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Around the World . . . Eventually

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It's been a long time coming, but we have at last reached introduction of the final Wanderer. At least until Nightfall, that is.

Elementalist/Necromancer, Elaurei Randen: The Smooth-Tongued Con Artist

Those charmed into foolish deals through Elaurei's pretty face and prettier words need not feel ashamed; they are hardly alone. Elaurei has no qualms about beguiling people out of the things that she wants, or that her allies need or even just for fun. She was not happy in the simple confines of her home, and convinced her parents to let her study elemental magics at Shing Jea Monestary. And after that, she managed to convince them to let her join the Wanderers, stating that they would keep her out of trouble an impossible task if ever there was one.

Even her profession choices are deceptive. One might take a glance at her chosen combination and assume that she burns enemies to a crisp and raises undead from their corpses. This is quite far from the truth, as Elaurei exercises the tricky arts of Water and Curses, finding them much more suitable to her palate than the aforementioned style. Where is the fun, after all, if you're not going to mess around with people's minds a bit? The shock on her foes' faces when they realize what she truly practices is always good for a laugh.

So, there she is. I'm not quite up to recounting her adventures at the moment, so I'll leave that for the next entry or two.