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Ayuhmii Shanbwa

accident years ago

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- cant concentrate (so will go slower)
- absences (so sometimes i will either stand still, or walk through lots of groups), which i have everyday and like all day (not non-stop, but enough to make me suck at games)
- body doesnt work fast (slower reacting, always)
- seeing stuff, like skills, goes slow..... (hard to explain) and so if i turn around, or defeated a group, my brains will have to pick it up, which is like restarting a pc..... i did something, then gotta do something else, and thats where my brains gotta warm up again

noone has ever seen this, not in reallife or ingame, so its hard to explain, and even if people say "i understand it now" they wont ever understand, as they dont know how dangerous reallife is, like crossing the roads while alone (yes, i had several moments i was lucky up until now, and hope to keep it like that)

but people somehow always made it ingame even without using skills, yet i always seem to fail

oh 3 more:
- memories are kinda bad (have to see groups a million times to remember them)
- cant do 2 or more things at a time (which is why people are like o_O when i type and fight)
- when i fail, i used up alot of energy, due to my damaged and limited brains, and so will need a break after every few fails/missions, unless there's someone who takes most danger on him/her

sigh, thinking takes alot of energy away (and talking about those handicaps and accident P me off after all those years, and i had to explain this soooo many times, and still will have to do in reallife)
you could say gaming is bad for me, but some doctor in hospital said: let him play games, as he may eventually train his brains to handle more.... but its a bit more after a few years o_O

sidenote: i had that accident when i was 11, and am 27 right now

* i use this as blog, so that i wont need a whole topic *