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GWOnline Blog Extravaganza - If I Were In Guild Wars 2 Beta

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My name is Art Y Mori...

...And this is my story

Were I to be one of the lucky few to get into the beta of Guild Wars 2...

...A man can dream can't he?

First off I'd do as I'm asked - they are needing people to test it for a reason and them choosing me and my below par rig would mean they want me to perform tasks and report back on how my system handled it. So I'd imagine a fair bit of World Vs. World (vs World?) would take place with players joining each other to overcome perceived enemies who are actually other players trying to win for their own ends. The mechanics of this sound particularly intriguing as there are various methods which can be employed to assist with your group from support to front-line.

Seeing skills matched against players in a more intimate setting (Such as within the Mists) allows for a more polished playing style and would, I hope, allow for some odd ganking with a skill set-up unthought of by my opponents. It being early days, and possibly not always with a full skill set, allows for much variety and playing styles to be tested.

Being able to see how the Mists are represented 250 years into Tyria's future is of particular importance to me though. My main enjoyment from Guild Wars comes from exploring the very well thought out storylines which make up the tapestry of that universe. And to that end I would happily explore wherever I was asked, all the while making mental notes to see how this universe and the last share geographical, as well as mythological, landmarks.

In fact, I would have so much fun exploring wherever I ended up I could easily lose weeks, if not months, trying to stretch my simple imagination into trying to piece how the mystery disc (Calendar?), that missing language and the Giganticus Lupicus all work in this new world.

Add to this my inner pedant seeking to find room for improvement within the writing style of Guild Wars 2 and you've got about as enthusiastic a volunteer (I prefer passionate personally) as you are likely to ever find.

A game like Guild Wars 2 doesn't need me - I need it. Let me have a run around this universe and fall in love with Tyria all over again. I promise I'll publish a love song as soon as the NDA has lifted, and will be composing it as I play...something similar to this I would wager:

So with 7 years playing time of the original Guild Wars and as the author of the Guild Wars 2 is dying thread I think I deserve a shot seeing its condition before it gets fatal



  1. Sigmatics's Avatar
    Great blog, got me to read a very interesting thread about the giganticus lupicus

    I also love the crippling shot pic ^^