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Dem EotN titles

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As the title may imply because it makes it seem like I am working on something that's not Canthan Vanquisher, I finished Canthan Vanquisher. Also finished Cartographer.

Anyway, it was a ton of fun to Vanquish Shing Jea. I quite liked Jaya Bluffs, because it lacked Afflicted AND Naga AND Kappa, so it was the easiest. (Not counting Saoshang Trail, haha) Sunqua Vale and Kinya Province were probably the prettiest. I just love Shing Jea so much. It was good to have a purpose to see it up close.

For cartographer, Aurios Mines and Amatz Basin got me a couple tenths of a percent, at least. Then I helped myself out by using the shadow step trick to get into the Monastery and then into the tutorial area. Same with the edge of the world at Eredon Terrace. (Which was really cool looking, by the way!) I also tried to get Shiro to banish me, but apparently, even in a party full of henchmen, he didn't want to. So I did not scrape that area. The last .1% was in Arborstone, outside of Tanglewood Copse. I have no idea how I missed it while vanquishing.

But yeah, those are done! And I am sitting at 17/30 for GWAMM! I think I will probably get Kurzick as one of the titles. Cause there's many ways to farm it and my guild is really nice and likes to do MTSC.

So continuing on, I am working on EotN now. I did about half of the dungeons in NM already.

I also did HM CoF with someone from my alliance. It was great because he's really humble and keeps saying he hasn't been playing for long, he's sooo noooob etc. But the whole time we didn't have a single wipe. It was actually kind of nice to have him tank all the undead so they set off their RoJs on him and not on Olias' minions, which game the meele ones extra targets. I brought Pain Inverter for Murakai. She managed to get her spell off about half the time, which was just enough for the healers to heal us up and regain energy for the next instance. So yeah that was great!

I also have an alliance mate who runs Oola's Lab HM, so that's taken care of too.

I'm hoping that by the time I finish all the dungeons, especially in HM, I'll end up in rank 8 for most titles or at least near it. Then I will trade in the Dungeon Master Guide (NM) probably for Vanguard titles, since they have so few areas to VQ. Deldrimor is currently my highest, I think...I think I might be able to max it between all the dungeons and quests I've yet to do. So after rank 8 I will VQ and map everything, then do all the quests, then do speedbooking because it seems like it would be the fastest.

I just feel so lost in most of EotN, lol. ._. It is definitely my least-played campaign! Sometimes I think it would've been better to start here because of the PvE skills, but then I recall the trouble I had in Elona years ago. EotN has tougher skill bars on all the enemies so I think I like this order just fine. ._. Anyway, hopefully these won't take me too long to finish. Maybe I'll have them done before I go to Europe!

It makes me sad that I may technically be missing the birthday even, since I won't have steady internet access, but I guess we'll see. I don't plan on spending much time playing GW over there. :p
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