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Lady Rhonwyn's Journal

The Adventures of Lady Rhonwyn and friends

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Sweetpea has asked me again if she could use this space for a blog of her own (I think she might have to find her own space...). But for now, she can use this space.


Jersey, a guild mate of mine, together with Rei (also a guild mate) had won the Winterday Contest and won a ticket for the Wintersday Party of ANet in Brighton, England. They could both bring one other person to the party, and Jersey asked me to come. I said yes, as I really liked the idea of meeting some guild mates of mine. Also, I had never been to England before and this was as good a reason as any other. So, I booked a flight to London for Friday (February 2nd) and I'd return on Sunday afternoon.

Jersey had left for London a day earlier, so he was already there. We met up in Victoria Station, where it took us some time to find each other. Having never seen each other didn't help, and also, Victoria Station is a huge place! But, after some 45 minutes, we finally met each other and after dumping our suitcases, we went to town. First, we went to Buckingham Palace. I wouldn't want to be the one that has to polish all the gold there... We then went to the Tower of London. That place is huge! We spent the whole morning there and when Rei called (somewhere after noon), we hadn't even seen everything yet. We did see the Crown Jewels and most of the White Tower. We met up with Rei and went to the Millenium Bridge. We then took a walk alongside the Thames to London Bridge station and, as the time was already getting on, Jersey and I said goodbye to Rei and went on to Brighton. Rei wouldn't stay overnight in Brighton, as he lived not too far away.

From the Brighton Station, we walked towards our hotel. And I can tell you, it was a long walk, especially if you've been walking around London all day before that. We finally managed to find the hotel, dumped our suitcases and went back into Brighton to find something to eat. When we finally got back again, I crashed on my bed and fell asleep soon after. It had been a very, very long day for me, as I had gotten up that morning at 04:30 (Dutch time), which would be 03:30 British time.

After a very good sleep, I went to breakfast alone, as Jersey only woke around 10. So, soon after Jersey had finished his breakfast, we went to the place where the party was to be held. It was a very nice day, with a perfect blue sky and not a lot of wind. So, that walk on the beach was really nice. The party was at an internet cafe, and we found us four computers (Rei had his girlfriend with him) next to each other. So, we logged on and settled ourselves for a long day of playing GW. They had thought of some nice events, one which was a Mission Relay. Which didn't really work out as originally planned, but still was a lot of fun. We had to do Nolani Gates, D'Alessio Seaboard and The Wilds, both mission and bonus. As fast as we could, with a team of 4. We had three GWO players (Rei's girlfriend didn't play with us for this one) and one outsider, Stud. We messed up doing Nolani. We decided to open the front gate, which is very fast, but that doesn't give you much time to get the book and do the bonus. So, Rurik just went to kill himself and we failed the mission. The second time, we took the long route, and we finished very fast, but that first attempt also counted in the time. We could have gotten D'Alesio a bit faster by splitting, but the Wilds went like a dream. We hardly had time to look around and we worked like an oiled machine. Too bad that French team (there were 3 teams, the third team was doing not that well, they had forgotten to do the bonus with Nolani) was also a very good team that didn't make the mistake of letting Rurik die.

It was all in fun, so, we also could do things on our own. So, we brought Jersey's survivor monk to the desert, with the help of our guild leader. Actually, Rei and Jersey were listening to questions asked of Izzy (the one that's responsible for the skill updates), while we went to do Sanctum Cay. After that, we three (Rei, Jersey and I) went on our way to Dunes, so my survivor can now finish that mission too.

The party was from noon till 22:00, and as time flies when you're having fun, it was 10 before we knew it. Two people from Anet/NCSoft?? had their birthday (one on Friday, the other on Monday), so, they were giving a party in one of the pubs in Brighton. Rei had to go home (he had to catch a train), but Jersey and I went to that party as well. I actually hate pubs, but I decided to go anyway. It was a bit of fun (considering I hate loud music and busy areas). We met up with Qwazy and Synthos dawnbreaker there. Well, they couldn't miss us, as we were wearing GWO shirts, with our Guild logo on the back, and our names on the front.

After that, I went back to the hotel, while Jersey stayed a bit longer. Again, I slept very well, and had a good (English) breakfast. We then went for the train station. Where we found out that the train wouldn't start at Brighton but at some other station. So, we had to go by bus to that station and there get the train to Victoria. So, we arrived there about an hour later than planned. There we went to the London Tower to try to find the London Dungeons. When we had finally found it (I won't tell how long that took), we had to wait in line for a long time, and the tour takes a long time also. I will have to go there again, as I didn't see all of it. I had to catch a plane. I didn't have that much time left when I finally arrived at the Airport (which took me somewhat more than 30 minutes), because 5 minutes after I arrived the the boarding area, we boarded the plane.

I had a great time, last weekend, and I'd like to thank Jersey again for inviting me.


Well, that's her story again (and again, I've no idea where she went, I also don't have a London or Brighton, and they sound like large towns!). Let's continue with the more important news.

As of last week, me and my sisters have been promoted to officer! Pfff, I finally got that off my chest... We would like to thank my guild for having that much trust in us, we will try to be a good officer. I've forgotten everything else I wanted to write down. Not that I've been very busy but still... I'm still busy filling in my Elonian map (maybe I'll find this "London" and "Brighton" there...), while my sieters are still taking it easy. I know Zulaya has reached Dunes of Despair and will by trying to Ascend. She already has finished one third of the process, and now has to do two more. And we might hear more from Danea soon, as she has decided to rescue Koss.

Till next time!

Updated 30-10-2008 at 10:35 by Lady Rhonwyn

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