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Nikhera's GW Rantings


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I'm just sort of going to go over all the EotN dungeons for my personal reference and stuff.

Editing entry as I go along.

Still chugging away at that Master of the North title, plus the allegiances.

At the moment, I am r7 Asura, r6 Vanguard, r7 Deldrimor and r6 Norn. I'm kind of worried about where I'll stand when I finish Master of the North, but whatever.


Some are fun. Some not so much.

There's two builds I primarily use, which I shall refer to as Jesusbeam team, and Sabway Plus. (edit: I did a third one later.)


1. Ooze Pit

Only done NM so far, and it was short and sweet, thankfully. Used Jesusbeam build. worked well. Same in HM although I did have trouble with the Prismatic Oozes.

2. Fronis Irontoe's Lair

I did this once a long time ago in HM. May revisit in NM for the exp when I finally do my survivor. I tried it in HM recently and gave up. But for the sake of turning in a complete HM Dungeon guide I'll try it with cons ._. it's just too hard and not worth the time.

3. Secret Lair of the Snowmen

Easily my favourite, and gets me lots of points. The first time I did it, it was in HM on accident. Ooops.

4. Arachni's Haunt

Used Sabway plus. Same in HM, no big deal.

5. Bogroot Growths

Once again, used the Sabway build. I believe I got the ZB for it that day too. (Zh'im Mmons?) Wasn't too bad. Haven't done HM yet.

6. Sepulchre of Dragrimmar

I forget. I think it felt long though. Got a run for HM, cause lazy lazy, and I'd rather farm Secret Lair of Snowmen (gleeeee) to make up for the missing points.

7. Bloodstone Caves

Used Jesusbeam build, specifically with Ward of Stability. Worked like a charm! In HM, I used the other build, but then I did a second time for the bounty and it was dumb cause hello, Enchanted Scythes. But I guess I don't have to do it again :D

8. Catacombs of Kathandrax

Had a few wipes at the last boss in NM, but it wasn't too bad. Used the other build for HM. I stuck Winter on Razah, haha.

9. Cathedral of Flames

Used Sabway plus, worked well enough. For HM, I did it with someone from the alliance who brought his warrior and tanked. He was fantastic to work with. First of all, he was super humble and said that he's no good and noob and new to tanking but he likes it and wants to try. Anyway, some time later, we're picking up our loot from Murakai's chest and there hasn't been a single wipe. Oooh yeah.

10. Darkdrime Delves

Ah fudge. Which one is this again? Oh yeah, jotun. I brought Sabway + ward of stability (switched to earth.) In HM someone from the alliance ran it, so I joined up.

11. Heart of the Shiverpeaks

I believe I used the Jesusbeam build - it went OK. Also, the first time I did it was with guildies, so I actually did HM first.

12. Oola's Lab

In NM, Jesusbeams worked like a charm. In HM, same alliance person from 10. (Jade is their name) ran it. They do it often so I like to tag along :D

13. Raven's Point

Did it with a Sabway plus, not too bad. In HM I did with alliance people when it was the ZB. We had a leaver and a disconnect and a god knows what else but we finally did it.

14. Rragar's Menagerie

Did it with Sabway in NM. I should have stuck to it. Charr are mean in HM, and don't like to ball up, so they would ignore me and wipe the mid/backline. Just, so many wipes and so much fail. I somehow killed Hidesplitter with Unsteady Ground at 10 health because he managed to target some spirits. Hint: the rest of my team was dead and at 60% DP. Yeah. Not fun.

15. Shards of Orr

Used the Jesusbeam build. Worked great. Except for the end boss. I didn't read the wiki and I had no idea what I was doing. So next time I will be better prepared. HM was tough, but it wasn't too bad. I pulled Fendi, trying to keep the archers alive (the crewmen would spawn further back) and then used Pain Inverter. A few wipes but not too bad.

16. Vloxen Excavations

Easy with Sabway plus. HM was alright too.

17. Frostmaw's Burrows

It's just long. Used Sabway, my Norn helpers sometimes provided corpses, which was totally ok. Same in HM - ended well, with only a couple wipes, and 10% morale boost at the end.

18. Slaver's Exile

When Duncan the Black was the ZB, I joined a group doing a full run. Sub-bosses were done in NM and Duncan in HM. There two alliance people there, but the rest were pick-ups. One of the players was incredibly experienced and she guided us through it. I think there was a guy why didn't speak English because at Duncan he kept killing the spirits I was so patiently swapping away D:< But yeah. we did it.

Unfortunately I have to go back if I want a full regular dungeon guide. I did this before Christmas with alliance members and heroes but I didn't pick up a guide cause I forgot >:( Not sure if it's worth the rep...we'll see. EDIT: I just traded in the unfinished guide. :D It was easier and I wanted it at the moment for the exp.

So yeah, that's where I stand. Zaishen quests have been super useful because they ward a few thousand rep points a pop. How did people even max their crap before the Zaishen?? And if you're about to say, "Double rep weekends" then I am very sad because if that's taking place next weekend, my only two exams are next weekend. :( Not cool.

And if it was the week after if still wouldn't mean much because then I have a cousin coming over from Europe, and I haven't seen her in eight years. Yeah. 8D Oh well. I'll manage to squeeze an hour or two in either way.

EDIT: well, looks like I was looking at the wrong info. The double rep weekend will be in May, and I will already be gone by then. :( But at least I might be here for the GW anniversary, so that's cool or whatever >.> Cupcakes galore, and my Ele should get something nice, I hope!

And errr, the next double rep weekend is in July and GW2 might actually be out by then, soooooo. I might not make GWAMM at all! Or 50 pts! But that's OK, I already have the 30 pts, I'll just see how far I get.

Updated 10-07-2012 at 00:57 by Nikhera

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