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The World of Tyria according to Fae

I like big closets and I cannot lie.

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While zapping some blog spam just now I realised "Oh hey, I should write in this thing."

My GW adventures recently have been quite limited on the actual playing. A few months ago I was pondering getting GWAMM for my Monk and I did this around Decemberish I think. After that I was kinda bored on what to do next. My Ranger was my first GW character but then got neglected when my Ele appeared in December of 2007. Decided to give the Ranger a final hurrah! And give her a bit of attention. She's now sitting pretty at 21 titles and I'm not sure if I'll go any further.

Tyria Vanquisher and Legendary Master of the North (aka, LMNOP) are next on the list, and then skill capping (again). And the chances of completing consumable titles are slim to none, so yeah, I think she'll just stay at 21 titles.

While getting little miss Ranger-pants to 20+ titles however I ran into a large sum of money, a mix of playing and a mix of selling some stuff I'm never ever going to use. I ended up getting Armbraces for my active / semi-active guildies or some Destroyer weapons. Suddenly, everyone was at 30/50 in their HoMs or higher, then I was out of things to do. And the Xunlai funds hadn't really gone down much. So I turned attention back around to me. Cos me is an awesome thing to be.

You may notice in my signature an armor count. In the past week or two this has gone from 110 all the way to 123. It was actually at 120, but then I decided to screenshot my entire wardrobe and it turns out my armor was breeding in my backbacks. And another 3 sets I didn't know about plopped out.

So yeah. The whole point of this, I present to you.

My Wardrobe!

Still a few things I wanna buy. <_<

So in between sitting on the the Hill in Lion's Arch, playing Draw Something I occasionally run off to an armor NPC. Good times :3


  1. Shrandar's Avatar
    I only recently really got in to GW, but god damn, you really have some good looking armors collected there. Thanks for showing off
  2. kokabel's Avatar
    I would totally be in the same state of armour-overflow if I had more room... scratch that, it's a pretty sorry state of overflow... I've had to delete pieces here and there, so I can buy MORE, and I never tend to buy complete sets, just bits. My passion is armour mixing. I should do a photoshoot too... we can compare notes on exactly how addicted we are to shiny prestige and mixture sets. >_>

    Do you think we need a support group?
  3. Fae's Avatar
    A support group would suggest we have a problem.

    I have no problem :|

    (126 now :D )
  4. Nikhera's Avatar
    How do you store all these! :D

    There are so many sets I still want q_q But I have no room...
  5. kokabel's Avatar
    Well, the support group could be about how other people just don't understand our need to buy ALL the armours.

    I mean, people question my choices and I just can't help it, it's how I was born! >_>

    Also, the terrible fact I am currently still trying to save for my last title (Sugarrrr) and I cannot feed my armour passion when I log into GW. Sad times.