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Auntie I

Diablo 3 Open Beta Impressions

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I played a bit of the Diablo 3 Open beta yesterday...I wanted to see if I needed to spend my hard earned cash on yet another game this year. After all there's this little game called Guild Wars 2 coming out shortly! However I do need something to tide me over until it's released. I could re-sub for another few months of Rift, but, hey, D3 Open Beta, how could I resist!

Summary of experience: Yup, it's Diablo. Just like the last game only prettier. Clicky, clicky all over the place!

The targeting isn't as fidgety as is was for D2. I didn't have to hit the exact center of a Mob in order to hit it. Anywhere close seemed to work just fine. For me at least, that meant a LOT less clicking.
It's way, way prettier. (Even the blood spatter is "Artistic", in a disturbing kind of way) The graphics are smooth (once everything is downloaded) even on my 4 year old machine.
The addictiveness of the game play hasn't diminished. I still want to kill just one more "thing" and see what drops I get. "I have decent gloves for my level, but my boots are junk, I need a Mob to drop decent boots!" *eyes skeleton over in the corner* *eyes clock* Just one more!

Yup, it's Diablo. It felt so much like Diablo2 it was weird. I could almost tell you how the layout of stuff was going to be. Going into one particular area, I was struck by how much it reminded me of the same area in D2, and sure enough there were the same sorts of features that were present in the previous game. Now, I suppose I should have expected that since there has been a lot of time pass as far as the lore is concerned, so physical features wouldn't have changed in the game. Never the less, I found it jarring and it broke the flow of the game for me. I'm sure that the farther you go, the less familiar it will feel. Almost like they're setting me up with the familiar only to pull the rug out from under me at a later date. Still, Diablo fans have waited a looooong time for "same old, same old". I know that a couple of hours is not very far into the game, but it just didn't wow me.
The initial progression is very linear. I can see me getting very bored with the starting area as I try out the different professions. Hopefully there will be more branching of the storyline as it progresses. Although, to be fair, D2 was very linear as well. Perhaps I'm just spoiled from playing MMO's for the last few years. A linear storyline seems so "old school" to me.

So, the final verdict is....I'm not sure. I like it, but do I like it $60 worth...decisions, decisions!


  1. Shrandar's Avatar
    I had more or less the same impression (same old but prettier). It feels a bit like Blizz is polishing their old franchise up to current standards (Stracraft 2 being the other one). I like that and I have some titles on my list that I wished would do the same but at the same time it feels just that: 'old'.
  2. Auntie I's Avatar
    I did break down and buy the game. I am slowly (very slowly) working my way through the game. I must say that Act 2 seems better then Act 1. Much less of a "same old, same old" feel to it.