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A GW Experiment with numbers and the HoM part 2

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A while ago, I made a blog post regarding the claim that no-one plays Guild Wars anymore, everyone has a maxed out HoM and just stands around in Kamadan all day.

I took the names of 50 passers by in Lion's Arch International one day, making sure they weren't the same person (as best as I could) and making sure they were all level 20. This post is located here.

What I found this time round was:

* The person with 0 points still had 0.

* Of 8 people who had no progress (3 points), 2 of them had made progress, one to 6 points, one to 10 points.

* Three people have hit 50/50, one was at 44, the other two at 49 originally.

* The average number of HoM points is now 23.9, an increase from 22.54.

* The biggest leap was from 17 to 30 points.

* The most activity came from the 10-19 bracket originally.

* And weirdly, 3 people cease to exist.... Spooky.

I was going to end it here, but I think I shall do one last look into these 50 people, prior to GW2 launch. And with it post their scores all nicely presented. Because I've become quite interested in their little GW lives...
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  1. Смерть's Avatar
    Nice to hear around half were working to complete their HoM.
  2. Lady Rhonwyn's Avatar
    Hmm, now I need to find that original blog post!