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Tom Nook's Journal

First Impressions

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Beauty, depth, chaos. Those were my first thoughts as I began my foray into the world of Tyria once again. Everything looks great, everything looks big and everything runs around like they're late for a very important date.

Initially, it was a little confusing. There's no tutorial as such, just pop up boxes in a similar vain to the original Guild Wars; read the text and follow the arrows. I wasn't able to click the ground to move and instead had to rely on keys and both mouse buttons.

Your skills change depending upon what weapon or weapons that you have equipped at the time. Only one skill is available at first with more becoming unlocked as you use the weapon(s) more. It's a fairly quick process with the rest of that particular weapons skill set being unlocked in about twenty minutes.

Quests now take the form of events. You wander around Tyria and you'll come across things happening. Participating in these events nets you rewards. The bigger your contribution, the bigger your reward.

I made it to level four but didn't gain any points for skills or traits. I'm guessing that there's another method to gain these. I did see a point marked on the map showing that I could earn a skill point. But talking to the NPC indicated gave me no such opportunity. I guess I needed to do something else first.

The one thing that I didn't like was the chat is now tabbed. I couldn't find a way to combine say the guild chat and the local chat into one tab. This meant I often missed things because I had selected the other tab. "I wasn't ignoring you. Honest."

I feel as if I have only just scratched the surface of what is on offer. I haven't touched trading or formed a party for example. Let's see what I can discover today. In fact, I may make that my moto.

"Let's see what I can discover today."

Sounds good.