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Guided Daggers

What I think about Guild Wars 2

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After a lot of patient trying to connect, I finally got to play Guild Wars 2, after 5 years of waiting. I was pretty sure it would not disappoint me, but a little bit scared it would. And it kind of did.

I know Guild Wars 2 is to be a 'true MMO', unlike GW1, which was a CORPG more than anything else. The scenery and animations are wonderful, as we can expect from ArenaNet. Everything was polished, combat feels great, if maybe a little bit chaotic. WvWvW was less impressive than I thought it would be. Dynamic events didn't have as much impact on the world as I expected.

I expected Guild Wars 2, a sequel to Guild Wars 1. Instead I got this. The greatest MMO I've ever played, even if it has its flaws. I know I'll be addicted to this game for years to come. But I'll probably continue to play Guild Wars 1, because GW2 can't satisfy my need for more GW1 gameplay.

Kudos, ArenaNet.


  1. Nikhera's Avatar
    You just summed up my thoughts. All of them.
  2. Guided Daggers's Avatar
    Cool. I was worried the text would be though to follow, but hey I kept it short.