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a view in guild wars 2 in a day

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Guild wars 2 beta weekend event

Disclaimer: this is all based on personal opinions and personal view, nothing is based on true facts and cannot be linked to experience of other players.

Weíve all had our chance to play in the guild wars BWE (beta weekend event) and we all have seen the wondrous world in Tyria, while one is out to fight his or her character trough hordes of centaurs and bandits, others go head to head against other players in PvP or WvWvW.
But since this is beta we have all kinds of flaws or glitches, one is simply the game doing weird stuff while others could be a balance issue.
So letís go ahead and see what is right and what is wrong about this game, and to start out I first look at the tutorial experience.

Tutorial experience
After I created a character I started off in a small village, centaurs attack the village and itís my and other playerís job to fight them off.
Citizens are frightened and some are even attacked so we have to save them and send them to the inn, after fighting for about 5 minutes I figured out I had to go the inn myself to continue the battle.
I talked to the woman in charge and this small video started, after some talking I had no control over whatsoever I headed to the garrison to do the final stage.
Luckily for me the door was already open so I didnít have to wait till the next event starts, fought off some more centaurs until the boss of the centaurs charged in.
He fought bravelyÖ..for about 5 seconds at most, after losing most of his health he retreated only to summon two huge stone hands with some junk along the way.
After fighting and being downed just 3 seconds after the battle started, the stone hands were destroyed and the screen flashed white.

The tutorial isnít bad in its state but itís also not really living up to its name, a tutorial is suppose to teach you about the game and I felt like I had to do that all by myself.
Small pointers and places that teaches you the meaning to dodge would be at least better, the centaurs are simply too weak to put up a fight or to even have a use for the dodging system.
Now I can understand that the tutorial should not be something you can barely win but a small challenge would not hurt, adding a ranger centaur would already be a good start even if the arrows barely do damage.

When I started out in the game I first expected a better looking guild wars 1, man am I glad I was wrong.
The moment I played the game it just felt right, everything is on the right place and for what itís worth, in terms of world settings this could actually work in real life.
When I came in to divinityís reach all I could say is ďnow this is a real cityĒ, everything is hand crafted and you can really see they took their time to make this city not only look like a city but also feel like one.
There are citizen talking and whispering, merchants selling the most common food and the crafting corner really looks like a part of the city itself.
I really took my time exploring the city just to see every single detail, but like every beta weekend I just donít have enough time to explore it all.
Now looking outside the city itís still an amazing world to explore, no place is unused and every building, farmland and grass field is used properly.
It is just a small pity that some distance textures are blurry but it could be a thing that still needs to be addressed, what matters is the world and itís environment and that alone just amazes even me.

The first problem I came up with is what I should play as at first, so after thinking it over I first created an elementalist.

Like every profession we need to unlock 2 skills to get the full experience of the profession, for the elementalist however it takes at least twice the time.
You start out with a scepter, an elementalist starts out with 2 sets of elements so your 3 skills turns out to be 6 skills at ones.
The way elements are used is not so different from guild wars 1 as you might expect, even while the AOE(area of effect) skills need to be placed instead of casted per target the way they work are pretty much the way youíre used to.
When casting meteor shower for instance you just place the spell on the ground and you start casting it, the only disappointing part I think of this particular spell is that it barely hits.
The meteors are way too far apart and just hit way to random to make this a reliable spell, I would not mind a smaller AOE but the meteors just need to be closer together to make it more useful.
But beside some minor problems the elementalist is a joy to play, with its diverse amount of spells and elements I canít think of any other profession that promotes the flexibility of skill swapping.
So if you are looking for a casting profession to start your journey I would recommend the elementalist, it will both teach you to swap unity skills (in these case, elements) and to place your AOE skills the best way possible.

When I was playing the warrior it felt powerful at first, killing ghost ascalonians and taking down a huge statue makes the warrior feel like they have allot of power.
However, the moment I came out of the tutorial I was shocked, I know my warrior just came out of the tutorial but dying after the first enemy just made a bad impression.
As you wouldíve guessed this character is a charr so I had to fight off some blood legion enemies, the moment this event started I just died.
Now after waiting some enemies of I just continues on to find a bigger group so maybe I have a chance, not in the slightest.
For what I experienced the warrior is among the weakest, the armor barely has any impact, dodging only makes things worse and having a shield really doesnít help a thing.
Maybe itís just me, I rather play a caster but for the time I played a warrior it just makes things not funny anymore, I can understand some beginner mistakes but if a caster has at least 10X more surviving success then a warrior then I am beginning to doubt the usefulness of this profession.
If only the armor is better in PvE at least and the range of charge attacks is longer it would improve the warrior just enough. (Fighting this siege devourer and not even being able to do any damage at all makes me wonder if playing a warrior is such a good idea in the first place, though removing the knock-back part of him makes it a fairer match)
But enough of the warrior, letís talk about my all favorite profession.

The necromancer is completely different from its counterpart in guild wars one, it has more damage based attacks and the minions are finally independent from corpses.
Every weapon has a whole different role, while the scepter is a weapon to play with the enemy, the staff is more made to play in groups.
I personally like the axe, the head on attacks and the blood sucking spells made this weapon the perfect frontal tool for the necromancer.
The minions are also not that bad, you have more control over them and even with just a small amount itís still a good way to keep enemies away from you while you tear your enemies apart.
There is one disadvantage, the starter heal skill is a minion.
Now it can attack and suck life force but when you use it or it dies you first need to bring it to life before you can heal yourself, other professions just need to click their skill and theyíre healed.
So with its advantage it also has a disadvantage, a pretty good balance.
I do think the bone horror should have its comeback, most minions are more made to do conditions or to be blown up the moment they get close enough and when I finally have a damage dealing minion it just dies really fast.
Looking back at the weapons the skills work pretty good, while one is good for frontal attacks (like the axe) the other is made for fields (like the staff).
When I did use the staff it shows that itís really done to ether play in a group or to fight with minions, there are plenty of field attacks (or necro traps as I would call it) and you can simply exploit their weakness with them.
It isnít all conditions though, there is one skill that is more made to remove conditions and to transfer them to the enemies in the AOE.
Overall I am happy with the necromancer, the diversity of roles and grand asset of skills makes it a profession to enjoy for years to come.

I have also played the ranger, thief and engineer but I have not played them enough to really tell an experience about them.
So to prevent a closed mind review about professions I canít really judge, I will not say anything about them.

Overall gameplay
When I started out I first needed to get my bearings but quickly got the hang of it, moving around is really smooth and fighting enemies isnít always a one way street.
Placing field attack is really just a matter of practice, ones you got the hang of it itís all about your own strategy.
Using skills per weapon is really all about your own preference, just because you cast doesnít mean youíre always at the back side of the battle.
A necro can just as much be a part of the front line as a warrior, a warrior can be at the backside just as much as a ranger and so forth.
The way the world reacts to your preference is non-conditional, the world reacts to you regardless so itís your job to make use of that.
The downed state is something really fun to have although it sometimes just doesnít kick in (ones had to fight off bandits but died without even getting a chance to get back on my feet, died instantly), but when it does kick in it is really a good way to continue playing trough the world without having to travel back to a previous waypoint.
I do think that when I talk to an NPC and this cinematic conversation starts it lacks choice and emotion, you canít really choose what you want to say and even when youíre in bed youíre standing there.
I also think the background is a bit disturbing, it moves all the time and I kind of get the feeling like I am standing in a private elevator.
It just need more environment and emotion, just seeing the upper part of the character talking while barely moving without true emotion reminds me of some bad old RPGís.
The animation however is superb, everything is done as natural as they can possibly do it and it just feels right.
They even added some fun and laughter, I killed a rabbit with ice and it just froze, falling down like an icicle.
The random conversations are also well done, a Norn boasting about his axe collection while being put in his place by a gun collector made me laugh for a bit.

Norn 1: I have a big axe collection, how big is your axe collection?
Norn 2: I have none.
Norn 1: hah, so have something more then you!!
Norn 2: I have a gun collection.
Norn 1: ohÖ..

In the end, this BWE of guild wars 2 really opened my eyes.
We all have our likings and disliking but it did do one thing, it showed that with good determination and planning ahead a game can be better than any would expect.
I hope you had just as much fun playing the game as I did, here is hoping we can play the game soon.

Greetings, sorudo ^_^
Guild Wars 2