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GWO Expanding, How to Get the Word Out?

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So, earlier today I boldly sent out a GWO official tweet that we are going to have a recruitment campaign soon. Figured if I threw it out there I put a deadline on myself (sneaky Lensor!).

I of course have a lot of ideas (so many ideas, so little time - hence the more people needed thing! ), but maybe someone else has some even better ones?

What I was planning to do:

1) Advertise for a wider variety of positions (for instance, anyone want to be GWO Friends liaison?), and also include "temp" ones (guest bloggers, streamers for specific events etc.).

2) Main page article and forum post (duh). Basically what we have done before, just more fleshed out. I will also make a proper permapage, so that it does not get buried and so people will always know how to get in touch if they want to help out.

3) More active Twitter shouts, asking for RTs specifically (help is.. helpful! )

4) Forum announce. One of those top-of-page thingys we hardly ever have for some reason. I am going to just go for it!

5) Bugging the alliance to ask their guildies if they/someone they know could be great fits.

6) Asking around among our Friends if anyone would like to guest or even write regularly here.

I was also thinking to throw in that team members are free to use all their work here and our name to promote themselves. Like portfolios etc. Or would that be cheesy?

Much to ponder. I really would like this to be good though so that we can make at least somewhat of a splash. I really think that we have a great community going here at GWOnline, but there is so much more we could do, if only we got some more talented people aboard!
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