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The Pink Gotta Go

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I made this pink blog theme as a way to jokingly illustrate the extent of which people can personalize their blog space, but I think it has run its course. Now just to think of another, more srs bsns, theme. Strict black on white? Guild Wars reds? Gaming Gold on Black?

I am thinking that I should maybe have a little contest. Yes, a contest! Let's see, gotta make it easy, fun and worth-while.

So how about you personalize your own blog with a color scheme you think looks good and if I see something I like I will blatantly steal it and give you gold star. Delivery method to be determined. I might also throw in some Guild Wars 1 goodies.


  1. Raye's Avatar
    I would, but I have an actual blog on my website, in which I write more than just gw-related stuff, but I also write gw stuff... I don't know if it be okay to just post links to my website on my blog here. In which case I will take the time to personalize it, but I kind of assumed that kind of thing wouldn't be cool. As for your own layout, I'd say a simple white theme with black text and some red splashes would suit the vibe of the site better =)

    P.S. The pink is blinding x_X
  2. Mawgleah's Avatar
    I would, but for the life of me, I can't find where I can edit the HTML code.
  3. Lensor's Avatar
    Haha Raye I know it is blinding, it was half of the point! XD

    Mawgleah, it is not a HTML edit, it is all done on your blog settings page.

    settings -> Blog (all the way at the bottom) -> customize blog style. :)