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The True Adventures of TRUE

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Glory be! After arming myself with information from a great tutorial video on crafting, I discovered it really wasn't difficult. I discovered I needed to scroll down the "recipe" list until I came to the 'refinements' section. Once I had accomplished this task, I then had finished materials from which I could craft items! Who'd a thunk it? Apparently not me! *grins*

After getting a number of dyes as loot, I also played around with dyeing my armor. I actually enjoyed this more than I ever did in GW1, mostly because there's so many different colors AND you can dye different parts of the same piece of clothing, creating really unique combinations. I know the news that dyes are now character locked instead of account locked has upset a number of players, but I honestly don't see it having a lot of affect on me. I rarely play more than one character. That said, it might take a bit longer to settle upon one character since you not only have a choice now of profession but of race. Not withstanding the lack of effect upon myself, I do hope for the sake of those to whom this matters greatly that ArenaNet rethinks their change of direction on this.

I also played with the Mystic Forge - just once as it was the only time I had the right combination of items to toss into it. I got a nice weapon, unfortunately not one my profession could use. However, I suppose after launch, such items might be worth something in the Trading House - also a feature I tested out this BWE.

I have to say that it's only drawback is that one must find a "brick and mortar" trading house to pick up one's payment (and possibly one's purchase) after the transactions have completed. I didn't have to be at a trading house in the flesh - so to speak - to put the items for sale that other players were seeking, why must I pick up my funds personally?

Still and all, I had a wonderful time and I even set my clock so I could get up and be part of the finale early Monday morning (around 2:30 am my time). It was a hoot even though I couldn't party up with my guildies as they were all on an overflow server. I did run into Barinthus at the start of it which - considering the vastness of the game - was remarkable to me.

Can't wait until the next one!
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