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Nikhera's GW Rantings


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The only reason I'm writing this is really because my bed sheets are in the dryer and I can't go to sleep yet...


So that's how I stand right now, I suppose.

Norn: done everything.

Ebon Vanguard: done everything.

Deldrimor: done everything except A Time for Heroes

Asura: Done everything except vanquish Verdant Cascades, Alcazia Tangle and Riven Earth.

Not sure if I can stomach vqing again tomorrow. I'll see about that once I run my errands tomorrow and then actually get some sunshine. All I know is, vqing EotN is painful. The monster bars are better than other areas, except maybe Nightfall, and the areas are huge.

Also, when vanquishing Sparkfly Swamp today I forgot to bring Technobabble, which was kinda crappy because I had no surefire way of disabling monks. I cleared the bounty for Arbor Bay as well.

Another thing I did today was do all the Slaver's bounties. Thommis and Rand were easy, but Selvetarm's dungeon was a pain in the ***. The pop-ups were annoying and the areas that have like 3 or 4 Chained Clerics healing each other were just ridiculous. I dragged enemies away and then when I attacked another group came from really, really far away. I somehow managed to position everyone in such a way as to get my heroes to attack the damn cleric without calling the far away group. Xandra managed to get herself bugged or something - she stood in place happily ignoring all my target calls, flags, and forced skill use. Then when she died, she had no DP. It was truly bizarre. I finally got her to move and spawn her spirits where they could attack, cause their DPS was really helpful. I got him in the end. All I got from the chests were crappy golds. (I was hoping for more diamonds, oh well.)

I started saving some materials for another destroyer weapon. As it is I have enough stuff for one, after that I need 4-6 ish more diamonds, and another stack of granite and iron. It's building up slowly.

Still keeping an eye out for other stuff, like minis and etc. so I can fill up the rest of the monuments. I want that Flameseeker title.

Ok, hopefully the laundry is done now...till next time.
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