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Master of the North

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Oh my goodness :D Done!

So in the end it took a long time. But it wasn't so bad. I think one of the reasons it didn't seem as much of a drag as it should have was because of my two month vacation. That kinda split it up and made it less tedious. Also, doing the occasional run with alliance people or getting a run helped, too.

Riven Earth remains unvanquished, and will never be, thanks to having done Slaver's Exile and scraped everything quite well.

So this I got earlier this month, and then I finished off the rep titles this past weekend, which was the EotN double rep weekend.

For the Ebon Vanguard title, it was finished off first by turning in the Master Dungeon Guide.

For the Norn title, I pretty much just vanquished Varajar Fells. :D Lotsa points there! I also had a bounty for Raven's Point and Myish, Lady of the Lake.

Asura points were doing very well thanks to several bounties I had. I had Arbor Bay, Zhimm Mons and the TPS Golem from Oola's. I finished it off by vanquishing Alcazia Tangle, again, because I had a zaishen quest for it. In the end I didn't need the points from that, but the z-coins are cool.

For Deldrimor, I got the bounty for A Time for Heroes, and I also got a run for it two more times for two more books. During the double weekend I did the second to last quest to fill one of the books up further, and then turned both in. The extra points from doing dungeons counted as well. I farmed the Snowman Lair for the rest, but it was only two or three runs. I also had a bounty for Zoldark the Unholy. I waited to turn that one in. :)

Glad to be done with it now! That currently puts me at 23/30 titles. I am also doing more stuff, in particular vanquishing and cartographer. I will talk about that in another entry.
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