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Tyrian Vanquisher

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Oh dear. This title.

I actually started a long time ago, referenced in this entry. With Cantha and Elona, with like, a single exception (Hello Crystal Overlook?) everything is connected to an outpost so there is no reason to do multiple areas in a row.

You just kinda do it, finish, get a cup of tea, merch your crap and if you feel up to it do another. Right?

No such thing with Tyria. And it's especially bad when you realize you can chain vanquish from a higher party size outpost, so I can't resist the temptation. I'll just kind of...keep going, and going. Not good for my health, probably.


So to recap, I started with the Maguuma. Via Talmark Wilderness and Majesty's Rest, I did Sage Lands, Mamnoon Lagoon, Silverwood, Ettin's Back, Reed Bog, The Falls, Dry Top and Tangle Root. Not bad for the very start.

Then after that I tried to do Tears of the Fallen and Stingray Strand, which I did, except I got disconnected when zoning into Twin Serpent Lakes.

So I kind of continued when the opportunity struck, just doing things if the Zaishen called for it.

Few days back, I did Anvil Rock. It is a lovely place. I just started from Ice Tooth Cave because I figured Minotaurs and Dryders wouldn't be too hard. Which they weren't. Except there was that one patrol that literally went almost around the entire map.

I did the same thing with Vulture Drifts. And I had the same problem with a stupid hydra group >:(

Then I got the bounties for Black Curtain and Cursed Lands and did both. I figured that since I had eight party members I'll do Nebo Terrace. I kept going into North Kryta Province and probably would've done that, Scoundrel's Rise AND Griffon's Mouth BUT there was construction or something going on and the internet was disconnected randomly. For an hour. In the middle of that vanquish. >.> Not happy!

I also did Whitman's Folly. Ah, chest farming! My hubby used to take me there sometimes. It was his favourite area because Ipillo Wupwup carries Unyielding Aura. Well, back when Unyielding Aura meant you could rez and kill people at will. :p

The day after that I went into the Crystal Overlook in Elona and thus entered the Arid Sea with eight people. I did that, and then Skyward Reach, Diviner's Ascent, Salt Flats and Prophet's Path that way. I gotta tell you, I really love the Crystal Desert. I kept finding all these statues, and bleached bones, hidden tombs, etc...it was just great. It reminds me of landing in Amnoon Oasis all those years ago, fighting through to get to Augury rock.

Today the zaishen vanquish was Deldrimor Bowl, so I did that, and Griffon's Mouth, and Scoundrel's Rise. Deldrimor Bowl might as well be called Centaur Genocide, because that's like, all that's there. Also, not happy with the four-monk centaur groups. I ended up luring a bunch of groups to a bridge so I could nuke them properly. These guys are smart. They kite out of my Meteor Showers and don't like to bunch up. Afterwards I did Twin Serpent Lakes. (Which make me very nostalgic because I used to farm for sup runes in there, before they nerfed AoE and added mesmers to the groups.) That area is actually bigger than I realized, so that was kind of not cool.

And since I wasn't going to leave the house anyways I decided to get started on Ascalon. How depressing. So I went from Yak's Bend, strolled through Ascalon Foothills and Diessa Lowlands and ended up in The Breach. So from there I did Old Ascalon, Regent Valley, Pockmark Flats and Eastern Frontier. It was quite terrible, starting with horrible winding paths, continuing with pop up devourers everywhere, going through to Panic-casting storm kin and ending with chain healing grawl. I also disconnected several times but managed to reconnect.

I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to do Eastern Frontier with four people. It was pretty brutal. It's also incredibly depressing to see all these brown ruins. I've been thinking a lot about lore lately, GW2 and such. I can get into the lore quite a bit. My main character is an Ascalonian and her ancestor will fight on in the sequel. But it makes me sad that the kingdom my character tried so hard to protect will fall to the Charr in the end, or be more or less reduced to a tomb for vengeful ghosts. I haven't seen the Charr homelands, so I don't know how much nature managed to recover. I recall that when I heard GW2 was coming for the first time, I tried to imagine how wonderful Ascalon will look again. Well, no such thing. Humans will never reclaim the kingdom I am so attached to. I will visit the Charr homelands and my character will ponder where it was exactly that her seven times great grandmother had been born and how it looked back then. :'(

So I'm going to get Ascalon out of the way now. Diessa Lowlands and all that is up next, with Flame Temple Corridor and Dragon's Gullet.

After that, all the six man areas are next, because I hate them and want to get them out of the way. So I might as well continue with Traveler's Vale and Iron Horse Mine. Then I am going to do The Scar, the last area left in the Crystal Desert. After that, it's into North Kryta Province, and then Watchtower Coast. So that's all for the "forced" six man areas.

I can do Kessex Peak with eight people, which is great. After Kessex, I'm doing Talmark Wilderness and Majesty's Rest.

Then I shall move on to the Shiverpeaks. I want to do Talus Chute early since it is the biggest and most populated and I am so not looking forward to it! And then perhaps I will do a reverse "Drok's Walk" from Camp Rankor: Snake Dance, Dreadnought's Drift and Lornar's Pass. Then I'll see about the rest. I'm thinking of leaving Perdition Rock for last, since it's badass and all.

I have to say, despite the fact that they are not very practical, Tyrian areas are amazing. I love the sights, the monster groups, etc. And I love the names. "Tears of the Fallen?" "Majesty's Rest?" "Tasca's Demise?" "Scoundrel's Rise?" "Dragon's Gullet?" hellooooo, coolest map names ever.

So that's how I stand and those are my plans, currently sitting at 30/54 areas. (half done)

Anyways, I think I wrote enough. Till next time.
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