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Nikhera's GW Rantings

More Progress in Tyrian Vanquisher

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So I am at 40/54!

Which means I am 3/4 done!

Ok, what have I done since then?

I did Ascalon Foothills, Diessa Lowlands and Dragon's Gullet in "one go." And what I mean by that is that Ascalon Foothills took me a really long time because I kept leeroying into hydras. We wiped quite a bit and most of us had death penalty. It's fun getting instagibbed by a single Inferno!

But we recovered and headed into Diessa Lowlands, which took me two hours to vanquish. TWO HOURS.

I zoned into Dragon's Gullet. And I went to work.

When I came back five hours later, I was still standing there, with a cloud of minions Olias summoned and my healers kept healing. I had a hearty chuckle, a victory dance, and then proceeded to vanquish it.

Then I did Traveler's Vale and Iron Horse Mine, which were pretty easy. Dolyak Masters are still annoying.

Next was The Scar. Predictably I missed a group. It turned out to be three hill giants in the top right corner. I also disconnected but managed to reconnect.

Then today I did North Kryta Province. I killed everything and I missed a group, so I circled it like twice. Turns out there's like this little passage in the hills with a tengu boss. Who knew?

Watchtower Coast went more smoothly. The spined aloes were annoying but Technobabble really helped there.

Then I went into Kessex Peak! It was actually very nice because I love the floating castle and it breaks up the monotony of Kryta's fauna by pitting you against Verata and his minions. They managed to kill me once because I aggroed way too many, and constantly kept stealing my minions. But I recovered. I noticed it really helps to stand right under the hill. The rangers have both Punishing Shot and Choking Gas but without line of sight, can't hurt you.

Next up are Talmark Wilderness and Majesty's Rest, and then I tackle the Southern Shiverpeaks. Pretty much as I outlined in the schedule from last entry.

I'm trying to recall what areas were annoying for other people so I can get them out of the way. D: I already asked on tumblr, but I'm asking here too. :D Let me know!
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  1. Fae's Avatar
    Goddamn Hydra.

    When I first did Tyria it was with a friend, and it seemed that in every zone, the last few mobs were always Hydra. We'd run head-first into them being speed boosted, and forget our heroes were miles behind. So yeah. Hydra-wipe.

    "Oh look, Hydra." became a long-standing joke that the last mob in every zone was then Hydra. Vanquishing in the Desert? Hydra. Vanquishing in Far Shiverpeaks? Hydra. Vanquishing in Torment (yeah we did this even though it didn't count. <_< )? Hydra.

    Better not see Hydra in GW2 :|

    The only zones I hated in Tyria was Eastern Frontier because I did it as a 4-man thing going back many many years before we had things like beefed up Spirits. But have done that since, and yeah, it wasn't so bad.

    Tasca's Demise can be a bit of a snot too. But Mineral Springs is a glorious walk. Man, I love that zone. Just be careful with the ice imps and don't aggro all jillion of em at once. :D

    Really though, Tyria doesn't have that many bad zones. Just far too many zones. Ugh.
  2. Nikhera's Avatar
    OMG yes. Especially in the desert, the hydra bosses have these ridiculous long patrols so you're bound to miss them. Perdition Rock should be fun then, eh? (I'm saving it for last as it's so different, so that makes it epic or whatever)

    I did Eastern Frontier with a six man group, and I don't think I would've been able to handle it with four. :D I'm looking forward to Mineral Springs because it's sooo pretty! I'll keep Tasca's Demise in mind though. I seem to recall there being group on top of group :D