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Eshenda Terrell

I don't PvP, but I might have enjoyed Wv3

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I've had two experiences of WvWvW so far. The first was an exiting mish mash of players all rushing off to cap or defend a point. I followed, kept out of the red circles on the ground and got my 50 kills for the month in about 6 hours of very enjoyable gaming. It was fun, we played it like we used to play that Zerg fest horde versus alliance match in the ore-farming zone in WotLK. I just lost half my readership, but bear with me. I am coming to a fair point. It was fun. I had fun playing PvP - and I don't PvP. As a disabled gamer I just don't have the reaction times to beat a real player where I can usually beat the AI in PvE, but in the Wv3 match I was in I was able to hold my own fighting as a part of a group. It didn't cost me much, I got some karma and loot and I enjoyed myself.

So the monthly achievements reset and instead of the sinking feeling I had got thinking that I had to go do this [swearywords] PvP [epithets] I set an evening aside to go do what I had enjoyed doing before. Only this time it was not fun. I did not enjoy myself. I found the main group and followed them, the mish-mash was there and we all did the same things, and hell I'm higher level and better equipped so I was doing that little bit more damage and healing so I got a few more gold medals instead of silver or bronze. But we wiped and wiped and wiped. I stuck with it, we capped, defended, ran supply and wiped and wiped and wiped. I bought blueprints, bought upgrades, played smart, ran the supply and at the end of the night I had 15 kills and I was out of ingame money with NOTHING to show for it.

That's not fun.

I don't know what the difference was. There was talk of machinations and politics, exploits and cross realm griefing and none of it made any sense to me. We're currently being 'roflstomped' apparently but man, I don't PvP and honestly I don't care. I'm in that map to have fun and get my 50 kills for the month. I never set foot near a jumping puzzle and I only went for a vista if nothing else was happening at the time. I spent the entire time trying to get kills. It was a grind, the only grind I've met so far in this game, and I loathed it. I know right, QQ QQ QQ LTP, but I couldn't tell you whether we won or lost the first time. I did the same things I did the first time, the time I had fun, and I came out with 50 kills, honor badges and more money than I went in with despite the fact that I did my hearthrug impression on a regular basis and had to repair and run back. But last night? Nothing. Nada. Zip. 15 kills, a headache, and the same feeling I used to get after a 'progression' raid with added stress from the increasingly strident map chat.

There's obviously a fundamental flaw that I could have two so very different experiences in the same content in such a short space of time. The thing that hurts is that it costs so much in terms of time and effort with so very little reward. Actually no reward - the penalty of spending your hard won ingame currency for absolutely zero return apart from what little you get back from the events. Not even kills, I suppose you actually have to get a killing blow for the kill to register, why then did I get my 50 kills the first time I went in (at level 40 or so) but when I went back at 80 doing the same thing only got me 15 kills in the same amount of time?

If Wv3 had stayed the same sort of fun casual PvP that it was the first time I dipped in, I would probably have considered doing it on a regular basis. The way it was last night? I'd rather eat ground glass sat on a bed of nails whilst having my eyeballs chewed by zombie maggots and Rickroll on repeat in my ears. I will do it, because that monthly achievement will sit there nagging at me, mocking me more effectively than the incredibly talented PvP superstar with the cross realm alliance and a bad attitude killing me with his uber-elite finisher and dancing on my corpse ever could. I don't think I'm going to enjoy it unless something changes pretty drastically.