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Eshenda Terrell

Wv3: take 3.

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My third try at Wv3 fell somewhere between the first two experiences. I went into Eternal Battlegrounds. I didn't hate it. I didn't love it. It was fun in parts. It sucked foetid donkey whatsits in others. I hooked up with some other folk on teamspeak and we had a solid try at taking some territory back from the other two sides. We took Stonemist Castle back 4 times in five minutes and then held it for nearly an hour. At one point I was the only person on TS acting as eyes in the castle and ye-gods, that castle is too big for one person to watch what's happening on all sides. Also it is very difficult to get kills sniping at enemy spies from the walls.

The teamspeak folk were great, balancing taking new objectives with the defence of those we already held, but even then our supply got cut off and we ran out which stalled us. I was too busy repelling testing attacks at two gates on opposite sides of the castle to keep an eye on what was happening with supply for 20 minutes and by that time it was too late. The enemy zerg arrived, both sides attacking two different gates at the same time (not co-ordinated between the two other realms at all, eh?). Even when I shouted in /team that the wall had been breached and people should get their lazy butts out of Zerg mode and back to the castle others were yelling that the castle was fine, so we didn't get enough defenders back soon enough and we lost it.

In order to control a battleground you need three or four units of 15 - 20 good players. You also need to leave good people in key areas - and you need at least 4 of them to watch SM castle effectively. Being the one left babysitting the castle is boring. No one should have to do it for more than 15 minutes to half an hour at a time. In fact the only way to play this and for everyone to have the maximum amount of fun and minimum amount of standing around being a sentry would be to get totally organised so that the majority of people in the map were acting under orders instead of being one huge zerg. Trying to get the zerg to stop and do things tactically is like herding cats. I'm not at all sure that 'Commanders' and squads will change that at all; I can see the average player telling a Commander that just because he paid 100g for a fancy title, doesn't give him the right to tell *ACEpvper* what to do and the zerg is going --> that way. Time will tell.

I was told that we had been the victims of certain exploits and that's why it had not been as much fun as it should be in the last few days. I heard firsthand that all exploits that could be proven have been screenshotted and reported, so they are in Anet's hands now.

In the end it was OK, I didn't feel like I was having my eyeballs gouged out or being screamed at for messing up and we were on the loosing side at the end of the evening. I don't mind loosing provided I get a fair try at a game. Also, being double teamed by co-ordinated efforts cross realm isn't a lot of fun even if it isn't against the rules. I still came out much, much poorer than when I went in but that's because I wasn't running as part of the zerg and getting all the kills and loot drops. I believe that what I was doing was probably more valuable than zerging. The 'defend the castle' events would pop up, but even when we drove them off the event wouldn't fire a reward because the enemy were trebbing the walls from a distance. The castle never dropped out of combat, so it never gave us a sticky penny for defending it. I don't get where other people report that they are rolling in event reward loot standing guard. I never saw event rewards for sentry duty any of the three nights I went in. I saw it when we beat them back in the Lord's room in the castle itself, but not otherwise. It does seem odd to me that the most rewarding style of play in Wv3 isn't the best way to win, making playing strategically even more difficult to co-ordinate. Surely there should be better rewards for doing it right?

I'm not going to dread next the next monthly achievement reset anywhere near as much as I thought I would. I'm glad I went back in with a few good folk in charge. Thank the gods WvWvW has reset and we're up against different servers now. I pity the poor folk who got our old enemies.

Nos morituri te salutamus. Avete vos.