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Eshenda Terrell

On crafting, amongst other things.

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My ranger is huntsman/leatherworker. Picked without research because those two professions made the most sense to me to level as a ranger. The crafting system in this game is far-and-away the best I've encountered in my mmo life so far. There are niggles though.

There is a huge disparity between the frequency of drops of the base materials and that of the 'activators', (bone, blood, venom sacks etc) that you need. I can be sitting for ages stuck on one tier because I'm stuffed to the gunnells with the base crafting mats, but the activators are just not dropping. Even 100% mapping of two crafting tier level appropriate zones hasn't produced enough activators to move me on sometimes, and I think that's poor design. There is huge disparity between the amounts of materials needed for activators between disciplines - the amounts of wood planks being used in dowels in Huntsman are far greater than cloth bolts in Leatherworker insignias for example.

Cooking is a law unto itself. My little necro is level 320 cooking but only level 14. I have just taken her out into Queensdale, but her entire levelling to date has been the starter instance, cooking, 4 hearts and 5 DE's.

I'm loving it all though, the variety, how different Queensdale is the second time of going through. Bits I missed when I went through on my ranger because a DE popped up and I completed a heart before exploring everything. I'm not sure if it was today or yesterday the new WoW expac came out, and frankly I don't care. I can't see me running back to give that other company money every month for something that is so much grind to get the ability to grind more, so I can grind yet more.