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Eshenda Terrell

All WvWvW maps complete \o/

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At 8pm yesterday I logged into the game, hit 'B' to see how much of our server colour was on the circle and /cheered. I got in and mapped two of the borderlands but by the time I got into the last one the other sides had started to push a comeback, so I left with a couple of PoI's and 2 vistas left to do at about 1AM.

The highlight of the evening was provided by the red team, camping the skill point in the Centaur camp at the top right of their homeland and griefing anyone that came along to try and nab the skillpoint. They were busy at the other side of the camp when I got there, so I activated the challenge fight and sure enough they came over, all dodge roll and burst-damage. I stood there and let them kill me, whereon the challenge centaur and his pals started beating on them, just as I expected. I lay there and watched as they neatly dispatched him and my skillpoint popped up on my screen. I was typing in guild how much I wanted to /thank them when they started charging around jumping and then /sitting on me. I Lolled. A lot. GG guys and thanks for the skillpoint.

By the way, Anet, centaur is not promounced sent-arr. Taurus the Bull is not Tarr-us. Taurine is not found within Tar elementals. It's sent - orr. OR. ORRRR. Say it with me, sent-orrrr. Gods that annoys me. I'll put up with 'Armor' for 'Armour' without my Brit alert going off too loudly in my head, but that one really, really, really gets my goat. I cringe every single time I hear it. Talk about pulling me out of immersion. It's as bad as the American habit of forgetting how to sound out the letters in Aluminium. AluminIum There's a second letter I that you all miss saying. Al-YOU-Mini-UM. If it was supposed to be pronounced A-LOO-min-um, it would be spelled Aluminum.But I digress, and badly.

I logged in this morning, hit B again and found that the map was even greener than it had been last night. So trotted off to find my last couple of bits in the red map. Met a lone enemy who killed me dead, ressed, repaired. Ran back with someone else who happened to be going the same way, met the same lone runner and double teamed them dead with my uber-noob Rabbit finisher and won an honour badge. 100% completion and only one death. So there.

Then I went and had a go at the jumping puzzle while queued for EB. A few of my guild were in EB wiping the map with the other two sides and as soon as the big battle was over and the hard working troops dropped out for food and rest (oh the joys of being a Brit on a US server) my Q popped, I zoned in and trotted about as if I was in a lowbie PvE area. I met a few enemies out scouting for an easy cap, but the whole map was mobbed with players from our server merrily mapping away and I was never solo-ganked once. I mapped the whole of EB without a single death, not even a falling death. And I had a total blast doing it.

I even tamed me a Wulluf. It's the wulluf, it's the wulluf! I also got me my 50 wvw kills for the third time since my monthlies reset yet again, although I don't intend to get anywhere near the salvage reqs to get the reward for the third time.

I have had so much fun the last few times I've been into Wv3 that I do take back most of the mean stuff I said about it. I still came out poorer than I went in, but I felt that I had to do something to justify taking up queue space from someone who wanted in and bought an upgrade at a key point as I flew through. I got out just as quick as I could, but honestly they didn't need fighters in there at that point. It was probably the best time to go mapping, we had just won a major victory and the map was not in need of fighting forces. Win all round.