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Hello devoted (ummm...) reader(s?)! Here is a little something I like to call Nec-romance. I think the title gives it away a little but I don't mind. I wrote this for the 300 fanfic contest, where the rules stated to write a story about some character's death. I wanted to start this one off sort of like a buddy flick, like two guys in a war looking out for each others back. Maybe trick someone into thinking one of them would die in an epic fight and afterwards the other would cradle his best friends dying body and yell "NOOOOOO" at the top of his lungs as the overhead camera slowly backs away and fades out... I doubt I did, and now just gave away my surprise. Me and my big mouth .

A note about the cahracters. They are not mine. The female necromancer's name was suggested by a good friend of mine (yes, I mean you my devoted reader. If you're someone else thinking "I never suggested a name" then I'm not talking about you... Oh and thanks for reading this, go check out my other stuff!) It was her necromancer who I suppose she deleted... The other names, since I'm horrid with name creation, came from various inspirations. Nos, the main necromancer, is simply just Nosferatu the vampire shortened. In fact, I was going to make his full name Nos Feratu, but it didn't come up. Mal Kavian was a close second (wikipedia it as one word if you don't quite get it.) The name Imaginos came from another one of my constant sources of inspiration. Blue Oyster Cult. Just as I got the names Desdinova, Susie Dear and Carrie Nurse, Imaginos is a character that shows up in their songs (in fact, there is a whole album that tells the story of Imaginos in a sort of rock opera.) I might just go ahead and make that character actually, Imaginos The Blue or something like that. I don't have an elementalist primary...

*ahem* Without further bordom, I present to you the story (which can also be found in the fanfic section. -UPDATE- I've decided to expand apon the story, which can be found in the fanfic section. I won't further update the the blog with Nec-romance, so you'll have to check there for any new material I choose to add to it. -END UPDATE-)

Many tales have been told of heroes. Their deeds forever engraved in history. But every story comes to an end. So it is for the life of these heroes. But seldom is it mourned, for a hero to die for what he believed in, what drove and inspired him, is cause for rejoice. This is truly what makes a hero.

This tale. . .

Nos looked over the scorched land. An island formed from the rage of the earth. The molten lava bleeding from the cracked land bubbled idly, filling the air with a particular stench. The creatures of this setting, twisted and rotten, beings of unimaginable.

Though his armor hid the malicious grin, one look in his eyes would reveal more than his mouth ever could. He intended to clear the area known as Perdition Rock of any forms of life.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” asked the tall blue haired man. His garb suggested scholar, but his hardened demeanor and rough eyes told otherwise. He leaned on his staff, shifting to a more comfortable stance. He saw a spark in the necromancer Nos’s eyes and knew the answer well before he asked.

Lowering the neck of his necrotic armor treated the world to his smile. His white teeth contrast to his ebony skin. He removed his gloves and held them under his arm, running his fingers over his scalp, down his silver cornrows. Looking back to the elementalist, he gave him the thumbs up.

Imaginos sighed and pulled his long hair back into a ponytail. He lifted his staff and drew several glyphs in the air before him which surged with arcane power. The powerful mage had mastered every element. He spent most of his youth in his study chambers looming over texts. His only saving grace from the ostracized life of a hermit was his best friend Nos, who insisted they play and explore.

Nos watched as his friend commanded the magic in preparation of the battle ahead with a heavy heart. He knew the danger that lay ahead, and that Imaginos would make no profit from it. His selfish desire brought him to this place.

“You know, you don’t have to help me with this. You’ve nothing to gain and everything to lose,” Nos plead.

The elementalist finished his concentration and the glyph lazily circled around him, waiting for its cue to take effect. With a smirk, Imaginos turned to his comrade and replied, “I have my best friend to lose if I don’t come along.”

Placing a hand on his pal’s shoulder, Nos grinned. “Thank you. Alright, let’s do this. There are our first victims now!”

The two entered battle poses and charged the pack of dark flame dryders with a powerful yell that rang out across the land.

As the two battled fearlessly with vast magics at their mercy, the thought of failure never once crossed their minds. But Imaginos did not know then how true his final statement was. And unfortunately would not know until it was too late.


Exhausted both physically and mentally, the blue haired mage found a rock to sit on. The hours of seemingly nonstop combat left his cloths dirty. His face was covered in filth mixed with his own sweat running down and dripping off. After catching his breath, he stood and observed the scene. Dead creatures lying on the floor all around.

“We did it Nos. Well killed them all!” he shout. But they only reply he heard was his own echo mocking him. “Nos?” he shouted out again, with a hint of fear in his voice.

He must still be alive, he thought. I saw Nos in that last group of hydras. He surely couldn’t have… “NOS!” He ran over the land, jumping over bodies looking for his companion. A gurgling sound made him draw his staff and ready for danger.

A grotesque being of twisted flesh and bone stood before him, having just clawed its way out of an igneous ettin and leaving behind the parts unused. A maleficent laughter reverberated across the once battlefield.

Imaginos sighed a breath of relief and smiled. Nos walked up laughing and threw his arm over the minion’s shoulders. Lowering the neck of his armor he stuck his tongue out at the elementalist. “All according to plan,” he confirmed. “And a little ahead of schedule.”


“I’m starting to have second thoughts about this Imaginos,” Nos said looking into a mirror. He had hastily removed his armor and had donned a fine white suit. Imaginos was just coming back with the rest of the supplies and looked up at his friend.

“Hey man, you look great! C’mon, you’ve been going on about this for such a long time now. You even came up with this elaborate plan, don’t second guess yourself,” his voice was full of excitement and reassurance.

“But what if-,” Nos started before his friend interrupted him.

“No buts. We’re already this far into the plan, don’t back down now. We’ve put too much time and effort, not to mention gold, into this to turn back now.” The inspiring words gave Nos a new confidence. He surveyed the location once more, running over a checklist in his head.

The minions had cleared out the area, been dressed in specially tailored jackets, and were now being handed the supplies needed. Nos quickly cast a spell, causing blood to flow from his own veins and to each minion, giving them a prolonged existence. Imaginos, seeing this, cast a spell from his secondary school of mystical training, using Dwayna’s teachings in the art of healing to refresh his necromancer companion.

“Are you sure your spell will keep me well enough to keep feeding these minions?” asked Nos hesitantly.

“Are you seriously doubting my mastery over the realm of magic?” Imaginos questioned while magically filling a bucket with ice and handing it to a minion. Nos shrugged and continued to fiddle with his outfit, making sure everything was perfect. “Anyway, we’re all set up here. And I think…” he trailed off as he checked around a rock formation that kept the two and their troupe of minions hidden. He nearly jumped and started to rush back to his friend. “Yeah, she’s here! Let me just…” the mage quickly cast a spell that devoted a constant strain on his energy and focused it to keeping his friend refreshed.

Before he left, Imaginos put a hand on his friend’s shoulder and looked him in the eye. “Good luck man.”

Nos smiled and nodded. “I will, and… Thanks.”

Imaginos nodded back, and then quickly scurried away behind some rocks, keeping himself near enough to keep the enchantment going.

From the other direction, a beautiful woman walked around the rock formation. “Nos? Are you here? I heard you sent for me and- Oh my!” The sight left her shocked.

Several minions had been dressed in suit jackets and wearing ties, each one of them holding a different item. A basket of food, a blanket, all the necessary components of a picnic. And standing before them all was Nos, dressed in his fine white suit.

“Sitara, my love! What do you think?” asked the necromancer in a sly tone of voice.

“What is all this?” she asked, blush in the face.

“I though maybe I’d do something special just for you. Come, your chariot awaits,” he bowed and gestured to the large flesh golem which had been fashioned with a harness that could seat two.

“I-… I’m not really dressed for the occasion,” Sitara said bashfully as she took the young man’s hand. Considering the location, she thought it fitting to wear her cultist’s armor, tailored for her by the specialist Hagen in Granite Citadel.

“My darling, you look as beautiful as ever,” Nos replied, helping her into her seat on the golem’s back.

Imaginos, who was hidden close enough to hear the conversation, rolled his eyes and silently chuckled with himself.


The picnic was going as well as expected. The region was the perfect setting, dead land pooled with bubbling death traps. And not a monster in sight. The minions stood around like patient butlers, only moving when commanded to bring the basket of food or clean up the mess. Imaginos’s spell, though the mage was hidden out of sight, mended any loss of blood Nos suffered to keep them alive.

And now, as the sun began to set over the horizon, Nos motioned for the minion with the bucket. The moment was coming soon; the plan was finally coming together. He grabbed the bottle from the bucket and raised it for Sitara to see.

“Wine my dear? Imported from Cantha, aged to perfection,” he said as he poured the bubbling drink into two glasses.

“Nos, this has been amazing. But how can you afford all this?” She asked, taking the drink.

“No expense is too great as long as it is for you,” replied the charming Nos as he tapped the two glasses together. “The food, the minions, I did this all for you. And if I could stop that sunset right where it was, I’d keep it there forever just for you.” The sentence gave him chills to say. He had spent hours thinking of that one, and now that he had finally said it he felt so relieved. “And now that we’re alone, I have to ask you something…”

“Oh Nos. Let’s go over there, we can get a better view of the sunset,” Sitara suggested as she stood, pointing. Nos went pale as she started to head over to the flesh golem. This wasn’t how he had planned it, but he could improvise.

As the couple rode the lumbering undead to the ample sunset location, Nos felt his knees weaken. He could hardly control his body as it shook with nervous anticipation. He was finally going to do it; he was finally going to ask his life long girlfriend Sitara to marry him.

After a few moments of silence appreciating the sunset, Nos grabbed Sitara’s hand and gazed into her eyes.

“Nos, you’re hands are cold, what’s wrong?”

“Nothings wrong. For once, everything is perfect. And now, I have to ask…” This was it! Nos reached into his pocket and grabbed the ring. His body shook, his ebony skin paled, his heart began to race rapidly.

“Sitara, will yo-…” were the last words Nos spoke, as the last of his blood drained from his body and into his minions.

For a moment, there was an awkward calm as Sitara attempted to ***** the situation. She attempted to run as the abandoned minions turned on her…

This tale. . . is not the tale of a hero, but of a love struck fool. . .


  1. Qin Li's Avatar
    I have a hard time accepting how careless Imaginos was to let Nos die. Why didn't he follow the couple and stay close enough to heal Nos?

    But then we're talking about a world where he'll pop up at the nearest resurrection shrine.