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Apparently it's catching. I never thought I'd get bored with Guild Wars, but it seems to actually be happening. I can't stand to level my lower characters, and every time I log on Ben I never seem to want to actually do anything.

Turns out I'm not the only one on my f-list who feels this way. I have no problem helping people with missions. Maybe I need a clear goal: like Elonian Protector. And after that I can work on finishing Tyrian protector.

That would net me KoaBD.... Hrm. It's worth thinking about, at least. In the meantime I might have to just break from GW for a while - which won't be hard, with a wedding this weekend and a honeymoon in two weeks. I'd be taking a short break from the game anyway. And I'm still excited about Guild Wars... I want to play GW:EN so much! But it's a loooooooong ways off at this point.


  1. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    Logging into a guild and seeing you're the only one who's been on in the past 3 days doesn't help either.