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Around the World . . . Eventually

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Far too long between entries, yet again. And since the last time, so much has changed. With the purchase of additional character slots, bringing my total up to 12, I've now got every profession at my fingertips. Plus, a couple of places for duplicates. And since the last time, I've been afflicted with a great compulsion: the survivor sickness.

The fact alone that Naomi returned should have been enough, but I decided to work toward this risky title with her. And after three attempts, she acheived it. Though wearied by the task, I soon found myself urging to go for the title again. And what was missing for me? Why, a survivor of my favourite profession, of course. Thus the mesmer Samuel Reve joined me. With both survivor experience and extensive mesmer experience behind me, I was able to guide him to the title in only one try.

And yet today, I still find that not enough. With a survivor of each of my two favourite professions, I feel compelled to gain it with the third. So out of my final character slot, she has come forth. Rei Matsuro: assassin. I expect that this will be my most difficult project to date; Naomi and Samuel are both ranged combatants and so could avoid most danger while still contributing heavily to the battle. But Rei . . .

Common wisdom would be to take up a ranged secondary and rely upon that for battle. I refuse to do such a thing. Rei will brave melee combat as is intended by the weapon mastery of her profession; the title would be less of an acheivement to me were I to get it any other way.

She will live or die by her daggers.


  1. Noa Brightington's Avatar
    A good assassin knows when to use skills and ride the kill. A smart assassin knows when to move away from the target when they have no skills to use and are becomeing a punching bag.
    My only suggestions are to make your way to kaineng, do a few of the high level quests, but then get the hell out of cantha unless it's double skill weekend.
  2. Kurda's Avatar
    Noa is quite correct.

    I have the Survivor Sickness-especially with Warriors-I believe that all Warriors should have at least Survivor (1), because of their tough hides and good skill. So every time I play a Presearing Warrior, I try leveling him up to 10 or 11-then something goes horribly wrong, like I forget there are whole bunch of Grawl by me when I go eat dinner....

    Don't go AFK! No Dragon's Throat until you have Survivor, my friend! =)