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Around the World . . . Eventually

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It's been a time of great change for the Wanderers. Naomi left them, and a couple of weeks later, her younger sister Yumiko arrived to take her place. Feisha is taking a break from the Echovald Forest to see what the exotic land of Tyria has to offer. But by far the biggest change is the joining of a new and much more active guild: the mesmer-centric Lyssa's Deception. And it is the last of these that brought a thrilling new experience into Serryn's life.

Last night, Serryn descended into the Fissure of Woe for the first time.

Invited by a guildmate, she became the second mesmer on the team. Serryn took on anti-warrior duty, spiking with Ineptitude and Clumsiness while also applying health degeneration and using Sympathetic Visage to further incapacitate foes. Her guildmate focused on interruption. The remainder of the team consisted of two monks, an elementalist, a ranger, a necromancer, and a warrior.

Being the new kid in town, so to speak, Serryn played it safe. But her confidence grew with success; the party managed to survive even when it attracted a large number of enemies. Not a single death marred the experience of the first quests, and the whole affair was filled with lively banter and the frequent drops of Obsidian Shards. The warrior was not lucky in these drops, and ultimately left the group in frustration before it payed a visit to the forgemaster. Shortly after that, one of the monks informed us that she had to leave and promptly did so. Now the party was: two mesmers, a ranger, an elementalist, a necromancer, and one monk. However, the group was hardly fazed and continued on. The party successfully defended the Eternal Forgemaster from enchroaching shadow creatures -- again, without a death. It wasn't until the quest "Tower of Strength" that problems arose.

After exiting the confines of the forge, the team found itself pinned between two groups of shadow creatures. Serryn and a few others managed to retreat while the rest incurred the first deaths of the excursion. While the team managed to resurrect those who had fallen and pull one of the groups of shadow creatures into a narrow area, death struck again, hitting Serryn's guildmate behind enemy lines. Without her, the enemy monks were free to resurrect their own fallen allies. Serryn eventually snuck around the beasts and was in the midst of making use of her ritualist secondary to raise her guildmate when the final blow struck -- one of the ghosts was destroyed. Thus ended Serryn's first trip.

Even so, the team was in well enough spirits as they arrived back at the Temple of the Ages. All said their goodbyes and went on their separate ways. Serryn, who had not been lucky enough to have an Obsidian Shard drop for her, accepted the generosity of her guildmate when she offered one of her own. She had, however, gotten a few Shadow Bows and gave the best of them to Aleyis as a spontaneous gift.

In all, it was a very enjoyable and prosperous trip. Serryn very much looks forward to Fissure excursions in the future.