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Wintersday First Impressions Events
Wintersday First Impressions Events (15 min 17 sec)
15-12-2012 at 13:25
Uploaded by Sylentstorm

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Guild Wars 2 General
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Watch the whole jumping puzzle here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQ0UvtVLUzQ

Well after one night of falling at the end of a jumping puzzle. I think I did enough to put something up on this event so far. I really liked the flaw and ease of the jumping puzzle. It wasn't too hard it was actually cool to witness. The overall feel of Lion's Arch is very festive. But I do have a complaint on that feel. If you go to the other edges of the city it's like ok it's snowing now we are back in the jungle in the sun.

I feel if your going to make a area change seasonal everywhere else should change too. That aside the look of the area done up in snowy decor is cool. Next thing I like is the Guitar Heroish chior game. It's actually pretty hard and different so no complaint there. Last I'd like to touch on the Snow Fight pvp action. While it is fun and interesting. People are exploiting in it. So Anet I wont name names take a look at it.

Oh one last thing I hope christmas gifts drop more than raggidy clothes......Even if they are vendor token like items. I still hope to see something rare in them.
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