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    PvX: The Civil Rebels [RiOT] - EU

    WELCOME to [RiOT]…

    About Us:

    Hello, we are the Civil Rebels [RiOT] a Guild Wars 2 PvX guild… currently playing on the Ruins of Surmia server which, we hope to be for the foreseeable future. We...
  2. GW2: Tier 1 WvW for American and Oceania Guilds

    Finding it difficult to get into a tier 1 NA server?

    Then why not join a EU tier 1 server instead?

    Seafarer's Rest (EU Tier 1 server) is looking for some American and Oceania GUILDS to come and...
  3. PvX: The Mirror of Reason [SNOW]

    Please note that the Mirror of Reason is no longer active

    message to moderator - please can you delete this post - for some reason I can not find the delete - thank you
  4. Ok I have not UW solo monked yet but getting...

    Ok I have not UW solo monked yet but getting around to it - I have successfully tested my build in various areas before going down to UW.

    BUT - I am a very experienced trapper of UW and know just...
  5. Why are Rockshots a problem?

    Rockshots if they appear by themselves are easy to kill. I don't see where the problem is?

    Hit Bonetti's Defence before you hit any other skills, or you can hit a skill that is not so important...
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