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    close to demo, lets compare file size

    mine gw.dat is currently 97mb, i got music and options tab, how about yours? anyone got bigger? im just courious cuz my dl is slow so i want to have everything prepared before game :)
    (for all thos who dont know, when u leave ur client open, thunder icon will show ur dl progress, currently noone know how big will be end file, but anyway bigger means better, ask any women about that!!)

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    Mines at 98.3 mb right now. I just opened the game and noticed now that there is a button to change your screen res, and sound.

    Were getting close :)

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    I'm at 112mb... theres a new tab? haha lemme go check this out.

    Oh I think I did notice that before haha.

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    Woot, 115 mb! I'm currently the leader on the forums! :D (Alpha testers... be quiet. :p)

    Nice new options tab....... woot. :)

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    I would like to make the statement that I am now 113... which I would like to stay there since 13 is my lucky number. :P

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    Why do we all have different sizes?

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