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Thread: Our own guild?

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    Our own guild?

    I was just wondering (if I do make the cut for webmaster)if we would be interested in making our own guild. It is just a thought and I would very much appreciate your comments or ideas. Thank you.

    The Shadow 2

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    I would say sure, but I'm sure we will all end up playing with each other anyways, so it sounds like a good idea to me... dunno why the but is in there... ignore it.

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    The wwn(worldofwar.net guild) thread adresses this issue a bit in that there will be a wwn guild in guild wars(that is a mouth full) but you might want to make an orrigninal guild as well

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    I think we were thinking of just making a GW guild and have people that want to play, from any of the forums, come and join the main guild.

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