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Thread: Acc names

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    Acc names

    post you acc names here do we can get together,

    min is Inatey Wwn

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    WWN Guildmaster [East] & Beta Tester
    Guild: WWN:East
    Nojin's Avatar

    Mine is "No Jin" :D

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    mine is Quistis Trepe

    the game is cool i wish i could play from lvl 1 on.

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    i love it is is realy good but the walking around using mouse click(you can use keyboard) is realy anoying with the camerangles...

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    Yeah I wish we could play from lvl 1 up...

    My name is Ulk Storm.

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    WWN Guildmaster [West]
    Guild: WWN:West
    Vagrant's Avatar

    The Vagrant and Isengrim Doomweaver ar my chars!

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    I am Death Of Seasons
    Elementalist, necromancer

    Hope to see you there!

    I have Asthma trouble so i am staying home from school, and the medicine makes me wired :flip: so i will be up late playing and i will be on mostly all day!!!1

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    "Ash Housewares"
    "Thulsa Doom"

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    Tyran Harasvelg
    Keldorn Firehorn
    Keegan Dardunhil (hes the one that im usually playing at the moment)

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    I will be playing my D2 account name as well, Baalos.

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