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    i really havnt decided about the drop rate. my new favorite class, the monk ranger kills very very little as she is way too busy healing. so ill go through 90% of a mission and get one crusty little short sword or something equally useless. but then in the last bit i start to get an absolute ton of things.

    granted i normally was killed and everyone else stole my loot (only on a couple missions, the worriors would let me tank...how nice of them...)

    but in a way its nice, because if it was according to your thought then i would NEVER get anything sence i am a nurse (char named "The Nurse") first, and a ranger seccond when people do not need to be healed.

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    much of the crafting supplies are gotten through salvaging. there was a time during the testing where much of the drops were just left on the ground, but now its just picking everything up. quest rewards sometimes give runes, crafting supplies and upgrading items.

    item drops are random. its luck if someone seems to be getting all the drops. gems, on the other hand, tend to go to people who are of that class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nojin
    I want to find out where to find Hammer Handles... grr...

    I really wish I had stuff to spend my money on. I have about 1000 gold but absolutely nothing to buy! Kinda ticking me off.
    Yikes 1000 gold!

    Yeah, in this game its mainly about finding things, gold is only good for little services and perhaps a few gems.

    I still have all the armor/weapons that i started out with.. the only thing i improved is got some cool skills, though i accidently got a sword skill on accident whenmy main weapons a hammer:cheesy:

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    I made some lovely crafted boots and gloves that I absouletly love, I never get those from salvaged items, the silk and cloth... :( I get Iron Ore and wood which I don't need! Ooooh well!

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    Uh... anyone want to trade for some cloth ;) lets say... 50 gold for 50 bolts?

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    I wonder if they'll extend it....it'd be nice

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    I really doubt they will extend it, and the only thing I would get to do if they do is PvP, which is actually fun if you get a new quest. I would rather them close it when they are supposed to since then I will have fond members of the demo and look forward to trying to get into the beta and then eventually buying the game. We got to play enough by it being open for 5 days instead of 3, there is not enough content in it for it to be longer then 5, in my opinion. But others will probably disagree.

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    *sighs* So, I still have yet to find a sword pommel. In fact, I have yet to MEET someone that HAS found a sword pommel. I traded someone for a sword hilt, but that did me all of zero good since I couldn't use it on my icy long sword (I suspected as much but thought I'd give it a try since it was the very first person I had ever seen with a sword hilt).

    Then I try to craft an Ascalon Helm and I come to find out that hides are not the same as charr hides ... well farking hell, I have played for OVER 20 HOURS and not seen ONE charr hide drop. Is it just me, or am I noticing an emerging trend that to have good items in this game you are basically going to have to live to play it? I dunno, someone explain to me how it is people got enough iron ore to put together an ENTIRE set of plate mail when I have found a total of 15 iron ore (not even half of what is needed for ONE piece of plate mail) in more than 20 hours playing. It's very disheartening to me for this to happen since I was very impressed by the game, it disappoints me when they make things so damn near impossible to find.

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    Where do you get iron ore? i never managed to nab any...
    I had a Whiptail Sword or something like that, it looked cool.. 7-11 uncustomized
    and i had a 21 defense shield uncustomized..
    why did they have to take the game away from us :(

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    You get the iron, steel, wood, cloth and so by salvaging various objects such as weapons, armor and those kinds of objects that are called "salvage items".

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