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    ARGH!!! I just want to go home and play!!

    I've sat on my *** all day and have done nothing at work. I'm finished in an hour but it will be at least another two or three before I get to play. I'm going insane here thinking about what I'm going to do when I play tonight. :flip:

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    Breath in.........and breath out..........in...........and exhaaaaaale

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    Yes! Finally! 4:00!!!!

    See you guys tomorrow!!

    *bolts out the door*

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    bah... school sucks

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    I HEAR YOU MAN. And what are you complaining about?! You are out at 4?!

    Man oh man.

    Tic Toc

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    hahaha..am out the door now, see ya in a bit

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    Since the Guild Wars alpha came out I have found myself lacking in time :p Soccer games, trips with school, my favorite team playing.. you name it and I have done it. None of these things happened before E3 but now they do. Annoying yes, because I can't play asmuch as I want :|
    Addicted XBox player.

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