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Thread: E3 Memories

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    E3 Memories

    As we patiently wait for new announcements, let's hear some of the highlights people had during E3.

    Here's one of mine.

    In the standard 4 on 4 PvP, I had a well rounded team (profession-wise), and was up against 3 warriors and a necro. They rushed us hard, and quickly despatched of our one tank, who ran full speed ahead to his own death.

    Being a Mo/E, I tried to heal him, but it only let him get a couple more depsperate swings in. Thankfully he had concentrated all his efforts on one of the warriors, who was now about half dead. But that half-dead warrior got cocky, because he now came after me (not knowing I was half elementalist, because I had been healing the whole time).

    I ran away for a little while, and my elementalist buddy nailed him with a shock, bringing him down to about 1/3 life. Our R/M had manged to survive just long enough to bring our tank back. Finally, after running and healing, running and healing, I noticed this guy that was chasing me was not getting healed and still only had about 1/3 life. He must have figured I was just a healer.

    So I stopped running and he started wailing on me. Little did he know this little monk was about let loose a Phoenix. At melee range my Phoenix did HUGE damage and knocked the warrior in to the other realm. The tide of battle shifted and we managed to kill their only healer (who obviously wasn't healing his team very well). I died at the hands of another warrior, but our team managed to pull of a win, when out R/M pinged the last W/N to death.

    Awesome battle, and I loved how my Monk (female/smallest scale/all silver) fooled the warrior in to thinking I had no offensive power. A lesson learned. :lol:
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    Getting 6 people from WWN NA, 1 person from WWN Euro and another from the WoW.Net chatroom all together for the co-op mountain mission... that was some fun times right there.

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    My biggest memory of the game is the sheer amount of people that was online, and how quiet the whole game felt when it ended. There's only about 400 testers in total....and there was well over 200,000 accounts made for the E3 event.

    There was a dosen or so of alpha testers who were standing in Khylo chatting about the E3 event, immediately after it closed. A few devs were in game as well handing out the thank you's for our help during the event. Ben Mikash (dev), had a fun last few hours in district 28. Getting people to do silly things like getting people to stand in a shape of GW for a screeny etc. People wouldn't stand still for that so he "dev hacked" and killed them all :P

    The best part of the whole thing was it showed exactly how the game world will be like on release and it was amazing. You really cannot imagine how the game will feel like upon release at all with such small numbers. Immensly fun, and very cool to see it work without a hitch at all.

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    There's not one specific thing I take with me from E3, besides the feeling that this is gonna me one helluvakickass game.

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    I'd have to say my arena 8v8v8v8 game that lasted about 40 minutes. That was one heckuva game, and while we all could have been more organized, it was well played on every team's side. One team would assault a base to kill the priest, and immediately have to pull back as another team took the opportunity to sneak in and attack their priest. I don't think I've ever had so much fun playing PvP; in fact, I can't remember a time I played PvP for that long ever before.

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