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    Royal Rumble Arena?

    Imagine that! That would be insane but probably a lot of fun. You'd definately have to be good and very lucky to win something like that. Make them huge with like 30 players or something. Just an idea.

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    Just like in some old wrestling games (dunno how the game is called, but it was for N64 and i got it somewhere, i guess ), I don't think it would hold my attention when I'm number 27 in line, maybe if you make the amount of people to 15 or so, it could hold my attention

    Or do you mean a huge battlefield with all 30 players in one map?? That would be an exhausting and fun job to do :lol:

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    One map. 30 people. Everyone starts at the same time.

    That would be so cool.

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    Good thinking, Cain

    I like the idea of a huge bloodbath and me as only survivor, don't you guys??

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    Maybe if contributing the most damage to the death of another player would provude you with some sort of buff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damocles17
    Good thinking, Cain

    I like the idea of a huge bloodbath and me as only survivor, don't you guys??
    Yes but i have to admit i would like it even more if I was the only survivor :flip:

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    That sounds like an awesome idea.. back when I used to play this game called Jedi Outcast (I still play it in fact) the big 16 person FFA (free for all) games were hella fun.. because everyones trying to kill the most people at once.. and it's chaotic.. it would be even cooler in GW with 30 people on a huge map.. Would kind of suck if you were a Monk/Mesmer though.. useless in a FFA.

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    There's a good Pvp idea that I like a lot! That would be just so much fun. Having huge maps wouldn't be a good idea IMO, when there are a few people left they shouldn't have to search for the enemy. Unless they can magicaly teleport you to the nearest enemy with the press of a button or a trigger, it could work. Otherwise I vote for small maps. The winner should be given a belt. And each month, put the belt on the line. (Hmmm WWE pay-per-views hehe) :lol:

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    That would be interesting - I'd say the tournament area Tombs of Drascir already provided this to a degree. I know it was team vs team, but I'm not really so sure I want to go 1v1v1v1v1 .. etc. At that rate, it's fun to a degree, but a little to hectic and ... random for me. I liked the 8v8v8v8 tournament games I played in during E3.

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    Unfortunaly this idea will make some class-combinations quite obsolete, and remove the team player spirit that seems to be important for GW.

    I mean who will bring a Necromancer/Mesmer, Monk/Necromancer or something similar to this PvP thing? Those characters are great additions to a team, but it's almost impossible to win with them 1v1, perhaps except for the Mesmer vs. a pure Elementalist (no other skills).

    Already in the alpha, I'm seeing less and less mesmers in the PvM areas, I wouldn't want this to stretch to the PvP areas as well.
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